Winter extreme sports

Recently, a number of extreme sports fans is growing rapidly, as well as the adventurers themselves.Particularly rapidly in recent years growing popularity of winter extreme sporta.Ekstremal is the man who sweeps the excellent physical shape and the desire to resist the natural forces of nature.As a rule, ekstremaly very bold, fearless and gambling people.Extreme is ready to risk your health to get more adrenaline into the blood.

People who began to engage in extreme sports, probably disappointed in the usual sports or simply bored them engage in traditional sports.The man who started the winter extreme sports wants to get a thrill and discover that new.

People wishing to engage in an extreme need to be in good physical shape and in a good mood, that is, must be psychologically prepared.Besides ekstremal must know the laws of nature and be able to resist them, and ekstremal must have excellent reaction, be prepared to take quick decisions.Naturally ekstremaly if necessary must take the risk, which in

turn needs to be justified.

essence of the lessons of winter extreme sports is to ekstremal able not only to withstand the forces of nature and the ability to overcome them, as well as the extremals must be able to know these forces and be able to compare with its forces and capabilities.

itself extreme sport is a kind of a face or a line that lies between life and death, on this face is extreme, which is opposed to the forces of nature.

But to properly withstand the forces of nature EXTREMALS need experience, courage, fearlessness, excellent physical and psychological preparation.Another important factor is the gear and equipment, which in turn will be able to save the life and health of extremals in the event of an emergency.

important fact is the team, which will deal with Extreme.Currently, there are many associations and clubs where people are united by the love to the extreme, the desire to resist the forces of nature and desire for new sensations.Undoubtedly your fellow Extreme never leave you in the lurch, and will give the necessary advice if necessary.

kinds of winter extreme sports

Currently, there are a huge number of all kinds of winter extreme sports.And the newcomer, who has decided to choose one of the kinds of winter extreme sports - eyes when choosing a sport can just run up.

But for this he must be a novice for yourself to draw conclusions, as each person alone - the individual person predisposed to a particular kind of extreme sport.Thus, we can conclude, if a person decided to do an extreme, it will need to get as much information as possible about pleasing him as a winter extreme.First of all, he will need information about the necessary equipment, the presence of like-minded people and clubs.

The following types of winter extreme sports:

Skiing Snowboarding Ice climbing

Snowmobiles Kitesurfing

Winter mountain biking

It should be noted that some types of extreme contain many sub-species, for example, there are the following subspecies of snowboarding: Halfpipe, Freestyle, Extreme Slalom, Boardercross, Freeride andother subspecies.

worth a little bit about some kinds of winter extreme sports a little more.


naturbana is one of the toboggan sports.The essence of this winter sport is that on special sledge (sled) on ice slides (serpentine).Naturbana differs from other types Luge that for naturbana do not need to construct special tracks, and will need only steep slopes or hills, which will be protected.

In this sport can compete as single athletes and crews-twos.As a rule, the track width is about 2.5 meters and the length of the route can reach 1500 meters.


general snowmobiles are divided into sports and travel, there are also special snowmobiles, which are intended for the transport of cargo on snowy locations.

known that the first semblance of a snowmobile was obtained as early as the mid-thirties of the last century.A more modern version appeared in the late fifties - early sixties of the last century.

Modern snowmobiles can accelerate to 200 kilometers per hour or more, and therefore it is necessary to observe safety precautions when riding a snowmobile, not prepared nor trained person on a snowmobile is better not to sit down.

With specific regard to snowmobile racing, there are different kinds of races.Sprint-Cross is a series of races, which involves several snowmobiles.Races take place on a closed track, which reaches a length of 800 meters, on the road as there are many twists and jumps.And this subspecies snowmobile sport can truly be described as the most spectacular.

Cross is a snowmobile race on a closed track.The cross-country can take part several snowmobiles.all kinds of jumps and challenging corners may be represented on the track.

There are also endurance races in which athletes ride over rough terrain.The track should be a vicious circle, which can reach 60 kilometers.In general, this type of racing is very similar to rally racing, as the track is divided into sections, each of which there is control of the passage of time.And each rider is given a certain period of time to overcome each route section.

There are many cases of death while riding a snowmobile and therefore it is necessary to observe safety precautions and watch for snowmobile state and undergo regular maintenance.When driving on a snowmobile should always be very careful, especially at road crossings and on rough terrain.

Ice climbing

Ice climbing is one of the newest types of extreme sports.

worth noting that ice climbing for the first time in Russia originated in the Caucasus.There are also several subspecies of this sport, which is climbing at an artificially created relief and climbing natural waterfalls.

This sport is not very common in our country, since not all have the so-called ledodromy, the construction of which is very expensive.

Snowboarding Snowboarding is rightly considered one of the most famous and spectacular kinds of winter extreme sports.This sport is even included in the program of the Olympic Games.For the first time, the International Olympic Committee officially included snowboarding in the Olympics is still the winter of 1995.There are various subspecies of snowboarding, it is worth mentioning.

big air, which translated to English means a great flight.In this kind of snowboarding snowboarder jumps from a special springboard, after which he landed on a specially prepared site.These jumps made by snowboarders are very beautiful and spectacular.It is worth noting that the Big Air belongs to the category of technical freestyle.

Boardercross is this kind of snowboarding, which involved 4 players, two of the winners go to the next round, and so it goes on to the finals.

Slalom is of various kinds, there is a giant slalom, super giant slalom and other types.Slalom - is the ability to quickly and correctly to overcome a certain number of veshek that are placed around the track.