What jeeping ?

caravans - one of the most popular types of tourism.Caravanning is popular for many reasons.Camping and caravans - it is, above all, independence in the route and time.For such travel does not fit any car, only SUV.Therefore caravanning for us - this jeep tours.Jeeping and jeep tours, what's the difference?We agree to call jeeping brief journey, "pokatushki", the purpose of which enjoy the benefits of driving an SUV.Jeep tours - a journey "with the meaning of" when the SUV is a means to achieve a certain, let's call it cognitive, goal.A vivid example is the "Osudareva Road" jeep tour.Jeeping and jeep tours in Russia.Go!Vast expanses of Russia, few paved roads are broken, as a rule, lack of roads, the unique natural and cultural monuments - all this could not be more features to organize jeep tours in Russia.

Jeeping - a common type of tourism abroad - has not yet gained sufficient popularity in Russia, despite the fact that the rest of the movement has a number of obvious advantages, among them - the j

ourney a small company, no exhausting exercise and the need to carry the heavy luggage.

In this atmosphere of wandering and adventure and even excitement are inherent attributes of off-road travel irrespective of whether a jeep tour to the contemplation of the beautiful species is based, or is it a trophy-raid, including the construction of river crossings and pulling cars out of the mud.

tempo movement, as well as the route itself, is largely dependent on prior agreement with a travel agency.The duration of the trip can be from several hours to several days or even weeks.The movement is carried out during daylight hours, travelers spend the night in tents or guesthouses.However, tourists who choose jeep tours, do not pursue comfort, they hunt for the most impressions with the adrenaline.They're coming to Russia and foreigners for their Russian jeeping - the absolute extreme.

period of most Jeep tours - from late spring to mid-autumn.However, there are winter jeep tours, which are time-limited route, eliminating the possibility to withdraw from the warm shelter for more than one day.In most cases, jeeping winter - a tour of the ring, pre-arranged and well established path.

cars, travel companies exhibited on routes usually Oise and "Niva".In Siberia and the Far East travel offer used Japanese SUVs.

If we consider the geography of the organization of off-road travel, the jeeping actively develops in the Krasnodar Territory, in the Leningrad region.Jeep tours are common in Karelia, the Altai and Lake Baikal, Kamchatka.However, the abundance of the routes can not speak.

In the Krasnodar region is popular trip to the lakes Chmielewski.The route begins in Krasnaya Polyana, but at an additional cost driver is ready to adjust the car directly to the house of rest on the coast.Sami lake located at an altitude of about 2000 m in the alpine meadows.The terrain is extremely picturesque.Before starting the descent, tourists have the opportunity to visit the "field of vision" - site overlooking the mountains, which stops the heart.However, your breath during the entire tour, while UAZ climbs to the top of the clay Achishkho on serpentine.Another option jeeping in the Krasnodar Territory - the program "On Abinskaya Switzerland."Tourists show waterfalls Shapsugsky dolmen - unique megalithic construction, as well as a healing mud volcano and mysterious Devil's Thumb, stone tower aspiring to the sky.For thrills during jeeping drivers practiced unexpected stop while crossing small rivers.When the water starts to be put into the body, the passengers have no choice but to jump into the water and push the car that usually becomes one of the most vivid impressions on the route.

Altai jeep tours usually start in Barnaul, sometimes in Novosibirsk.Agencies Altai chosen for its routes Chuiski - ancient caravan route that connected China and Russia.Chuiski begins at the bridge over the river Biya in Biysk, goes through Altai Krai and Altai Republic, ends at the border with Mongolia.The track is quite suitable for movement jeep, but in some mountain areas can only be reached on the GAZ-66.While traveling through the Altai enchanting beauty of the river valleys and mountain passes, expanses of dry steppes, are striking in their majesty of ancient burial mounds, excite the imagination of numerous legends told by the guide.Although the Altai there are separate routes for off-road, travel agencies offer to dilute their vacation at Lake Teletskoye, the ascent to the glacier Aktru or rafting on the Katun River.Duration majority Altai jeep tours - from June to September.

Baikal routes originate in Irkutsk.Jeep tours of the capital of Eastern Siberia to Mongolia and to the Western Sayan - a multi-day adventure travel.Travel off-road along the lake assume a long vacation on the lake, fishing, cruise, hiking and, of course, diving in the clean and clear waters of the deepest lake in the world.In February-March, when the thickness of ice on the lake allows you to move on cars, on the icy surface of the lake made travel by jeep to the island Olkhon.During the trip, tourists have the opportunity to see a fantastic picture painted by nature with snow and ice on the lake surface.

Types majestic cones fire-breathing mountains, geysers, lakes in huge circular basins, lunar landscapes of stone desert near the volcanoes on Kamchatka see travelers.Here, almost all jeep tours begin in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.Clean car tours - at no peninsula.Several travel agencies offer to move to shift truck.However, the movement of the machines sooner or later ends at the foot of volcanoes, where the most active tourists are expected to climb.

furthest in terms jeeping and jeep tours advanced Karelia.Agencies not only offer combined tours when jeeping on forest roads is interrupted for rafting on the rapids Karelian rivers or ride on a comet on Kizhi and Valaam, but also - to take part in as a passenger in the annual trophy-raid "Karelia Trophy".However, the specificity of this event is quite allows: Organizers put the team spirit and mutual competitiveness before.The tourist infrastructure of southern Karelia, the presence of a large number of guest houses, allows you to organize multi-day winter car-adventure.Practiced in Karelia jeep trips to the waterfall Kivach or mineral springs in Marcial waters.However, most often in the winter, off-road play a secondary, transport role.They are used in the organization of ice fishing, snowmobile safaris, trips to the lakes for picnics.

jeeping in Russia is gaining in popularity.At the moment it is developed in regions that are traditionally associated with places of active rest, as in the main part of the tourist services.The ability to travel by jeep exist in many regions of Russia, especially in the summer, when the tourist business success is less dependent on the development of the local tourism infrastructure.The presence on the route of trainers, who put a multi-day trips camp and prepare yourself a meal over a fire, do jeep tours available for those who never went to hiking.If we talk about the prices for such travel, the jeep tours, especially exclusive, cost hikes will not name.As a general rule, the travel agency is selling well-established routes, but on individual customer requests are developed and new, and their pre-lay not only on the map but also on the ground.In addition, any off-road trip involves some costs for gasoline and car operation.At the final price of the tour will also affect the cost of air travel in Russia.However, tourists are willing to pay for a combination of comfort, outdoor recreation and some extreme, so the future of the Russian jeeping seems quite optimistic.