The American hotel with 13 ghosts

mysteriously lonely hotel in the Gulf of Mexico, on an island, cut off from the coast of Florida, and the line is located 135 miles north of Tampa (Tampa Bay), to attract tourists.Island Hotel - Hotel, in which there is no TV and telephone.Located in an uninhabited area of ​​Side Key (Cedar Key - Cedar Key) half an hour from the nearest traffic light, the hotel challenges the modern hotel with its advantageous location and perfect infrastructure.However, the guests, among which in different years of the last century proved Vaughn Monroe musician, actor Richard Boone, singers Francis Langford and Jimmy Buffett, imbued with the charm of the wild nature and life away from civilization.

a half century ago, the town of Side Key took contraband cotton, actively participated in the North-South civil war, barely survived the 1896 hurricane.The hotel building, erected in 1859 as a post office with stalls, there has been a 12-inch wall thickness, which is not just saved the building from floods and other natural

disasters.After reconstruction in 1914, home owners have turned it into a hotel.Since then, «Island Hotel» repeatedly changed owners, the name of the interior and even moral installation.Not surprisingly, many legends associated with the history of this place, and on the accommodation freely roam the spirits and ghosts.

exact number of ghosts is known, and still, of course, 13!One of them - a black boy, who served here during the Civil War.Fleeing from an angry owner, he ran out the back door and disappeared.Hiding, he apparently jumped into the basement cistern that served as post office water tank and drowned.They say, his shadow still dwells in the dark underground rooms ...

Most other appears the ghost of a soldier of the army of the South, the history of which is lost, but the face is known to all.He appears for a few seconds before sunrise on the first floor, guarding the entrance to the balcony.

Rooms №27 and №28 visited by the ghost girl of easy virtue, who was killed at the hotel during his infamous as the local brothel.However, the shadow of the victim to be extremely friendly and loving - can sit down on the bed and even the guest kiss on the cheek!

But the most confident in the walls of the «Island Hotel» is the spirit of Bessie Gibbs, the hotel manager and 26 years had the reputation of a tireless man and always cheerful.She prefers room №29, and her "jokes" are perfectly familiar to visitors - to rearrange the furniture, to move the picture, mix personal things or simply lock the room behind only released to the guest threshold - ordinary tricks irrepressible ladies.

Yet, despite the gloomy otherworldly phenomena and mysteries of ancient times, the hotel is considered an ideal place for a secluded relaxation, and for the lucky discovery "honeymoon."

Come to a meeting with silence, rest, peace, and 13 spirits, and you will not regret it!Friendly residents of the town did not seem intrusive, but swimming, fishing, walks on the islands, local churches, museums and bars will not let you get bored.

cost of living 2 persons with breakfast ranges from 80 to 135 dollars per night, but on the booking should take care in advance.