Sworn routes for tourists

Not everyone likes to marinate themselves in the sun trendy, but a long-known and therefore vulgar resort.Girls in bikinis, waiters ... boring somehow, and even flies do not bite.Much more memorable event will be a trip to a place of discharge "no to Makar calves do not chase."If you are tormented by the idea that, no matter how extreme way to spend your vacation, check out our recommendations.And once again, measure - and is it worth?In the mountains

In the mountains, at an altitude of 5000 meters of the atmosphere weighs on the shoulders of three times less, and such a "lightness of being" can become really unbearable.Not so bad, if you are slightly razduetes - nasolabial folds, for example, will disappear completely.

three biggest trouble, lying in wait for the person on the way to the top - mountain sickness, pulmonary edema and cerebral edema, says Men's Cult.The first attack easily identified by the following symptoms: headache, imbalance, loss of appetite, nausea, and drowsiness.Pulmonary ed

ema with nothing can not be confused.

Before that panting breath now turns to the process is almost impossible, because the lungs are filled with fluid bubbles.The patient was tormented by choking, hoarse bubbling breath.Severe altitude sickness - swelling of the brain.Compared with a headache that begins at the moment the patient, migraine - a children's entertainment.

most stupid thing you can do in the mountains (except that there shooting "Highlander-4"), it is rising too fast.On long and dreary passes can not stop during the climb to catch his breath (breath goes astray).It is best to slowly, literally step by step, take a pass.The ideal height for acclimatization perezhidaniya - 2000-2300 meters.If mountain sickness still catch up, do not panic.Make a halt and if possible immediately come down.


known fact that many divers are so fond of their sport, not only because of the unforgettable beauty of the underwater world, but also because many of them - drug addicts.When immersed to a depth of 30 meters there is the phenomenon of "narcosis" - the deterioration of mental processes by inhalation of nitrogen under high pressure.

suffers coordination of movements, it becomes difficult to read the instruments and to navigate in space.If the diver is concerned about the dive, then anesthetized fears may take the form of paranoia.But more often than nitrogen narcosis leads to bouts of euphoria and loss of the sense of danger.So if it seems that you are ready to throw off those silly masks and dance, it's time to emerge.The main thing - not too fast.Otherwise, the nitrogen in the blood can "boil".

To avoid all these "charms", experienced instructors are advised not to dive with compressed air deeper than thirty meters, and descend slowly.And comes up with yet more "turtle" speed, making a three-minute stop at a depth of five meters.

In areas of environmental disasters

«To the left of you - chimney" - with these words about starting the so-called "toxic tours", enjoys great popularity in the West.The idea of ​​creating such excursions belongs to the "green", which thus trying to draw public attention to environmental issues.

However, to witness the "picture of the most terrible disaster of the nuclear age of mankind" and get a juicy dose possible without going beyond the former Soviet Union.In Ukraine, there is a brisk trade in tours to the ghost town of Chernobyl.

Here is the "classic" day trip.Departure from Kiev, passing the checkpoint "Dityatki" entry in the "forbidden zone", a promenade by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, a visit to the "sarcophagus" - concrete and steel shelter, covering radioactive masses and debris left after the explosion.

special courage cause, of course, walk through the ghost town of Pripyat: abandoned apartments, hospitals, kindergartens ... The most dangerous tour - visiting parking infected thousands of trucks, helicopters, armored personnel carriers, have been in the thick of the accident.For dessert, a meeting with the elderly "residents of the exclusion zone."The most restless extremals will be given the opportunity to go fishing in the channel adjacent to the nuclear power plant.

Environmentalists say that in the Chernobyl zone, there is really something to see.Without human intervention area has turned into a unique natural park with unique plants and rare species of animals.However, God forbid, you forget that you are in the area that is affected by the release of radiation in the 50 million curies!

One of the most advanced travelers' sworn routes "Russia is an ecologist Maksim Shingarkin.Where not only had the opportunity to visit this desperate fellow.He has nuclear plants in Chelyabinsk and Krasnoyarsk, black mountain town of Karabash, recognized the dirtiest point on Earth, radioactive Techa river and, of course, the Chernobyl zone.

Therefore, keep in mind that in any case can not be taken out of the zone memory radioactive "souvenirs", and during the tour to be followed step by step in the "stalker" who knows the safe paths and routes.If you have decided to tickle their nerves traveling on Chernobyl, the stockpiles of provisions, and it is better to do that day to hunger and how often you can wash your hands with water, brought with him.By the way, the notion that red wine - the best shield against radiation, an expert called by no more than a myth.

At gunpoint guards

Another type of tourism, which will provide an impressive dose of adrenaline - that's illegal border crossing.No, it is not about to go on a trip without a visa and tickets.We are talking about attraction, hosted on the border between Mexico and the United States.Savvy "stalkers" spend curious tourists routes of Mexican illegal immigrants making their way across the state.

In one of the border towns are open even special courses for trainees everyone crossing the border.Javier García, head of the club "Border Trail", however, sees its task in the other, "you can feel in their own skin, the suffering tolerate those who sneaks into the United States."

Each year, the border between the two countries are moving up to 3 million people.One to one and a half million fall into the hands of border guards and 500 people die every year here.From heat stroke, thirst, snake bites.

such as Javier, called coyotes in Mexico.Pay this coyote $ 15, get a briefing, and in a way.Mountain river, rocks, thorny bushes.Heaviest section - the tunnel to the other side."Lanterns do not use - warns the conductor.- Patrol can be very close. "The only light - the Moon.She - a landmark.A cornfield group goes blind.The finish somewhere near ...

Fortunately fake border guards - shoot blanks will not be beat.And so, everything is real.Remove the hands of soldiers and simple language to explain what you are doing nothing at work do not expect wrap home.Game over.