You know what - tracking ?

word denotes trekking and hiking.To be more precise, in essence, trekking - a transition from one camp site located in the mountains, through a series of passes and canyons to another hostel.The end point of the campaign can also be a boarding house, hotel, any other mesto.Prodolzhitelnost trekking depends on the planned route, the number of passes that need to be overcome, the number of mountain streams, through which it is necessary to cross and raised from the campaign objectives.

Making trekking tourists dipped in a variety of flora and fauna.Climbing up to the pass, going down, you can watch how the plant world.

Tourists spend the night in tents or sleeping bags in wooden huts mountain shelters.Food is cooked on the fire, which also requires a certain amount of experience and knowledge of features marching supply.Sometimes people who have poor understanding of how to prepare food at home, show their talents in the field kitchen.Usually, at the end of the campaign, if there are conditions, marinat

ed and cook barbecue.The entire tour group noted the successful overcoming of mountain obstacles, shares his impressions, relaxing with a complete sense of satisfaction from the trip.

Active guests and opponents of pure beach holiday is becoming more and more.Swimming in the sea or in a lake after the done trekking - is quite another pleasure.Therefore, to get the whole range of experiences and the necessary load, so necessary for the health of people go hiking.

In order to successfully pass the entire route, no special training is not necessary, but still need a good physical condition and endurance.Usually, if people do jogging in the morning or the evening before the holiday, they do not have any problems during the campaign.The heart and lungs are well prepared.

trekking routes can pass through a variety of landscapes: mountain passes, dense thickets of the forest, snow, glaciers, Rubiaceae and rocky climbs and descents.To overcome all these ups and downs, we need not only a good physical shape, but good shoes and a certain set of clothes.

You should have:

backpack (50 - 70 liters), a cape in case of rain, hiking boots - sneakers or hiking boots, removable shoes, a warm tracksuit and sweater, nylon wind suit, shorts, a hat from the sun, a small flashlight, a plastic liter bottle of water, personal utensils, Seats, personal sleeping bag and pad.It is also desirable to have drugs for their own use.

Trekking usually involves the crossing of the river.In all likelihood, someone is sure to get your feet wet.Therefore, it is necessary to carry spare socks and a change of shoes for rest stops.Feet should rest.

Halts made directly in the ravines or on the banks of a mountain stream.Rest and overnight on the river bank is always preferable, because tourists need water.If the group stays in the valley under the pass, still somewhere near must be a source of water.The organizers of the campaign is sure to think through.

During trekking time to time committed radial outputs.What is the radial outputs?This is when a group or the entire group who wish to go out of the parking lot, or from the mountain shelter to some sort of very remarkable places and a few hours later comes back.

these remarkable places are usually a variety of medicinal sources (eg radon), sacred places, monuments, sites of ancient people or simply beautiful places connected with any legend.Guides - Guides like to tell these legends, as do other mountain bikes.This gives a special flavor to this radial exit.

Trekking on the ridges of the mountains of special complexity require more physical training than walking from one mountain to another shelter.On this solved experienced tirusty who seek to pass a complicated route, try their hand.

Usually, the daily passage of a tourist group of about 20 kilometers.It takes 7-8 hours.The best exit time in the campaign - early in the morning, until hot, the cool.

If the transition takes a full day, early in the morning tourists tightly breakfast, afternoon snack made near the water, and already in the late afternoon, when the transition participants put up tents or are located in houses, cooking dinner over a campfire.

Any person who believes that leisure is what he needs to recuperate, can choose a route of any complexity and directions.Everything will depend on how much a person is prepared physically as he is interested in the route and the sights included in it, and how far it is set to go.