Luciano Pavarotti - The Golden Voice of Italy

Luciano Pavarotti - Italian tenor, one of the most popular with the public and, of course, recognized by the criticism of opera tenors in the post E. Caruso.Among the advantages of Pavarotti singing - excellent high voice training

solar flight timbre

unusually perfect vocal skills, and as a consequence of the ease of picking.The combination of these qualities with an incredibly strong personality, radiating warmth and joie de vivre, made the singer of one of the "superstars" of the 20th century opera.

Pavarotti was born Oct. 12, 1935 in Modena (Italy).After graduating from high school in Modena I started singing in Mantua in E. Kampogalyani.He made his debut in 1961 in the party Rodolfo in "La Boheme" by Puccini.But the party Tonio in "Daughter of the regiment" Donizetti Pavarotti brought international fame and the title of King of the top "up" (notes to the second octave - he became the first in the history of opera tenor, who sang nine high up in the aria Quel destin).

Pavarotti's success with t

he public gathered momentum during 1970-1980, supported by frequent appearances on television and singer of his desire, giving recitals and performing in mixed concerts, to bring opera to people who rarely visit the Opera House, or neverpass his threshold.

In 1990 the singer collected hundreds of thousands of listeners at his concerts in stadiums and parks.With constant success were joint performances with tenors Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras.

action "Three Tenors" was sverhuspeshnyh and later repeated many times, and recording of the concert became a bestseller.World renown gained as charity concerts, "Pavarotti and Friends", where together with maestro Brian May performed Sting, Patricia Kaas, Zucchero, George Michael, Elton John, BB King, Liza Minnelli and even the Spice Girls.Pavarotti noted that their great union has not broken up, despite the state of his health.

Pavarotti first came to the Moscow stage in 1964 during the tour of La Scala and later visited more than once, especially successful was his performance in 1990.

In 2004 Luciano Pavarotti decided to leave the stage and performed in forty cities around the world, including in Moscow and St. Petersburg, he gave a concert «A Night to Remember».

Pavarotti has become one of the symbols of Italy.His velvet voice, full of passion for spaghetti with spicy sauce and children's belief in omens cause the Italians a rush of tender feelings.

Before going on stage Luciano sure to put in your pocket the nail to his "touch wood" detractors, never parted with a white handkerchief and always asked to be made-up before going out.

Singer applied to the face tone that it seemed tanned and tinted eyebrows black pencil.And one eyebrow should be drawn slightly above the other.Then there is the face expression of surprise - "Grand Pas" believes that it is also to bring good luck.

Personal life of the great singer was stormy.

With Aduey Luciano he was engaged as a teenager.But the wedding had to wait 7 years - in 1961 he received the first decent fee, and was able to pay for a celebration.

They lived together for almost 40 years.Aduya led all his financial affairs, raised three daughters.

«I - the first son, born after six daughters -priznavalsya Pavarotti.- I'm all spoiled.And now I surround myself with women.I have eight or nine secretaries. "

Once Vatican even banned loving tenor part in a solemn Mass in New York - Star reputation was too stained.Aduya long time turned a blind eye to the affair of his famous wife.But the next time the newspapers were full of pictures of her husband with another beauty, broke down and filed for divorce.

Divorce proceedings dragged on for several years.During this time, Nicoletta Mantovani Pavarotti managed to give birth to a daughter.Luciano and Nicoletta were married in December 2003. He was 68, she - 34.

last years of his life, the lungs can not be called.He almost did not get in a plane crash, he was flying to New York, he suffered a serious divorce went through several surgeries."I wondered what God is doing all this to me?And I came to the conclusion - before I was too careless attitude to life.But it should be valued, everything around is so beautiful - and a drop of morning dew on a flower, and the sound of flying bees and mourning your child, and even the smell of gasoline in the crowded city: we simply do not understand that all this is given only once.Second will never be. "

Last Pavarotti appeared in public in 2006 at the opening of the Winter Games in Turin.

Great Luciano Pavarotti died on September 6, 2007.

»He was a true Italian" - sure Anna Maria Fini, whose father was one of the closest friends of the singer."He represented our generation, voicing our feelings and emotions.I do not know anyone who could express the same feelings and to combine today's youth. "

«He was a symbol of Italy, symbol of Modena, and to a much greater extent than, for example, the" Ferrari "- so thought his compatriots.

«When a country loses a person of such importance, it creates a heavy sense of loss, makes wonder: Can we ever again produce the identity of this magnitude," - wrote someone in sad book of condolences.