" Temple climbing ."Cambodia

The vast majority of tourists visiting the country come here for the temples of Angkor.And they are in this, of course, right.Of course, capital is also quite interesting, especially connoisseurs of military history with strong nerves - a multi-storey pagoda glass filled with the bones of victims of the regime of Pol Pot, looks particularly impressive on a sunny day amidst a peaceful grove ... That's just instead of the roots from the ground and then stick whitish remains, not put in the monument.A wall of one of the schools in the city, still enclosed by barbed wire, hung with thousands of photos of persons of varying degrees of bruising.Enjoy a little, of course.

Although the Royal Palace with the Silver Pagoda, the pagoda on the top of the hill the widow Stump and Art Museum is definitely worth a visit to anyone is fond of ancient Asian cultures and Buddhism, is to fly to Phnom Penh, but if you're willing to pay the country at least four days.Because even three days is barely enough to explore the m

ajor attractions of Siem Reap.

space and steepness of Angkor Wat, mazes hard to be restored Baiona, stunning composition of giant roots and stone walls at Ta Prohm, a delightfully graceful carving ornaments Banteay Shreya and sea panorama of the jungle from the top of Pakbeng hill where so exciting you can climbon the back of an elephant on a narrow winding forest path - this is only a list of places required to visit.

But jungles hide dozens of other temples, and each in their own interest.And tired of continuous walking and climbing feet can give a rest, take a boat ride across the lake to the Sap floating village of fishermen, or by visiting the Apsara dance show in one of the restaurants.

And, of course, with accommodation and other services in the most visited city in Cambodia problems are long gone - some 5-star hotels for about ten here.Here are just a road, sorry, did not finish it, so the most affordable method of getting the plane is, the benefit of direct flights there from all over the region, and give a visa on arrival to all without exception.Tourists are appreciated, it's Asia!