Travel to Portugal

¬ęBefore a delicious date!" - That is the Portuguese are forgiven.This country is no accident ranks fifth in Europe in the number of tourists.Hospitality - one of the traits of local residents.

Tour Portugal - a delightful sandy beaches on the Atlantic coast, the harsh coastal cliffs, gently sloping hills covered with greenery, mountains, an abundance of flowers and of course the excellent local wine.

resorts of Estoril and Cascais features a unique microclimate - warm and sunny in summer and mild in the rest of the year.In the southern part of the country are the ruins of Roman temples and aqueducts.

In the north there are two holy places where pilgrims.It is a city of Fatima, famous for miraculous events that took place here on the 13th of each month in 1917, and the Church of Christ on Calvary.To the temple, standing on a mountain terrace at an altitude of 564 meters, is a long ladder on which pilgrims climb up on his lap.

Portugal capital Lisbon is built on seven hills on the banks of the Tagus R

iver, which flows into the ocean that has long defined the status of the city as a trade center.Here is the Aqueduct "free water" height of 66 meters, Monument to the Discoveries, palaces, Arc de Triomphe, the monasteries.

Inspect Lisbon best tram.The most interesting historical building in Lisbon - survived the earthquake in 1775 Jeronimos Monastery.In a small chapel once stood on this site, Vasco da Gama prayed before sailing to India.Today, there are located the Maritime Museum and the National Museum of Archaeology.Not far from the capital of Portugal is a tropical park of Montserrat.

Portuguese cuisine and exotic recipes, and their names.For example, the soup "Crying Fish Captain Vidal."According to legend, sorry Vidal live fish was cooking, it seemed to him that she was crying ...

In any restaurant menu, there is always a "beef offal from Porto."Addicted to this dish ... the inhabitants of Porto made famine.A complete lunch Portuguese prefer most delicate sweets.Desserts here are sold on every corner!In Lisbon's Belem bake the most delicious cakes in the country, the recipe of which is kept in the strictest confidence.

One of the symbols of Portugal - port - owes its origin to the French and English.Traders added brandy to the wine, so it does not turn sour during transport.Part of the grape sugar is not transformed into alcohol - turned fortified sweet wine.

Raw materials for it is grown in the Douro Valley.This valley is surrounded by mountains, the north wind did not penetrate here, it creates an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of sweet grapes.

Among the attractions of the city of Porto is a place associated with the culture of port - Solar Doo Doo Wine Porto.Where you can taste all the varieties of port 160.Opening a bottle of selected Portuguese port like a ritual ceremony.As the smell of cork specialist determines the type of port and its freshness.

Then the bottle is mounted on a stand, where the taster pours wine into the cup hanging from his neck.Taking a breath test, he poured a few drops on the walls of a decanter, "he washed it."After this port completely poured into the decanter, from which there is poured by the glass.Each bottle should definitely sign the National Institute of Port Wine.port can not be considered true without this mark.

Travel Tips

1. During his stay in the Azores, you should try the local cheese - it is very tasty and healthy product that you can take with them as a souvenir.

2. Visit Madeira.His popular island obliged exceptional climate and unique beauty of the flora.Here, the long hours spent at the easel Winston Churchill was resting from a debilitating political games.

3. A fishing lovers should go to the Algarve.Here you can catch plaice, sea eel, HKSAR, golden mackerel ... The luxury five-star hotels and golf clubs attract wealthy tourists.

4. And finally, the recipe is: to cook soup Captain Vidal takes live fish, preferably on a low heat, and then taken out and separated from the bones.In the broth add the olive oil, potatoes, onions, garlic and red pepper.All this vegetable mixture is stirred with a mixer to puree the state.After that, it put the pieces of cut fish and cook for another twenty minutes.After half an hour the inhabitants of the city of Aveiro favorite dish is ready.