Camye expensive breakfast in the world ( the world puteshstviya )

In the capital of the UK tour given the chance to part with their savings furloughed in record time.For the rich, it began to serve gourmet unthinkable expensive breakfast cost 36 thousand dollars.This meal is in English composition legkoy.V unprecedentedly expensive breakfast included only a bun, croissant, cup of coffee and a glass of liquor, the newspaper The Telegraph.However, each of these dishes is a true work of art, not just culinary.

So, croissant handmade decorated with edible gold and diamonds, and pour a cup of coffee customer special variety of Indonesian Kopi Luwak.Also, he is offered an outlet jam prepared by hand from the red currants, which was collected in the department of Bar-le-Duc in the French Lorraine.Finally, serves gourmet famous cup Chambord, which is made from a special kind of black raspberries and served in the inlaid with gold, pearls and diamonds bottle.This unique glass containers can be purchased for $ 2.4 million with the poured champagne in her Perrier Jouet Belle Ep


The manufacturer of such ruinous even for breakfast oligarchs acted as the French company "Chambord", a meal itself is timed for the London premiere of the famous novel by Truman Capote's "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

play staged at the famous Metropolitan Theatre Royal Haymarket, and the starring act actress Anna Friel.33-year-old actress will play Holly Golightly.For this role, Audrey Hepburn received film award "Oscar" in 1961.

Order breakfast can be in any hotel or restaurant in London, leaving the application in the office of "Chambord" or on its official website.

Ghoulish Kopi Luwak

It is worth to warn tourists before they part with their money for the sake of "Breakfast at Tiffany's", about another nuance.The fact that Indonesian coffee before hitting the top of the rating of the most disgusting dishes of the world.Peculiar drink made from coffee beans, partially digested in the stomach Indonesian cats.

Legend has it that at the origin of the appearance of this delicacy is human laziness: it is easier to collect feces of animals than grain coffee tree.The beans that have passed through the digestive tract of the Indonesian civet, or luwak (wild frugivore resembling a cat), harvested by hand in the forest.Initially, they are like peanut debris in the future they are cleaned and lightly fried.

Coffee, brewed from these "grains", touted as "the most rare and exclusive coffees in the world", but those with more sense than money, call it "coffee from cat shit," wrote in his time one of Britainnewspapers.

Some say that this drink tastes of caramel or chocolate.But according to others, the taste is rough and smells moldy.But in any case, experts gladly pay 40-50 dollars for a cup of luwak coffee.

Gylfi University in Canada conducted a special study of the composition of civet coffee beans.It was found that they have less protein and lower bacterial background and externally droppings resemble a grain of popular Colombian coffee.Scientists suggest that these features make the coffee composition of the waste products of civet less bitter and pleasant aroma.

History is silent as to when and under what circumstances was brewed the first cup of luwak coffee.But now luwak feces collected not only in the jungles of Indonesia, but also in the Philippines, Vietnam and South India.