Akira Kurosawa .The history of life ( beautiful world )

Akira Kurosawa was born in Japan, in Tokyo.He graduated from the "Doshusha" school of Western painting.In the movie, began working in 1936, he was an assistant director Kadziro Yamamoto.Kurosawa's first film, "The genius of Judo", was told about the development of judo in the country in the late 19th century.Some of his films had obvious political bias, for example, a picture, set on the kabuki play "Men walking on the trail of the tiger" of - the prohibition of the occupation authorities was released only in 1952.In his later works of Akira Kurosawa departs from actuality and refers to the way of understanding the secrets of beauty and death.Milestone for the creative director was the film "Drunken Angel," "The Seven Samurai", "Rashomon".Several tapes Kurosawa put on the works of Russian and foreign writers - "Idiot", "Throne of Blood", "Heaven and Hell".In many films, outstanding director starred Toshiro Mifune.Kurosawa much fruitful removes all the 70 - and 80 - e. Because of its relatively recent wo

rks worth mentioning "Akira Kurosawa's Dreams" and "Rhapsody in August".

Contribution Akira Kurosawa in world cinema is truly invaluable, his work served as a bridge between traditional cinema and modernity, between East and West.

One of the most famous films of Kurosawa, "Seven Samurai" (1954) was conceived by the author as a chronicle of a day in the life of a samurai, seppuku ritual ending of a minor gaffes committed during the day.However, a good script of this story does not work, and the director ordered the film crew to look for the historical facts of the era of ancient Japan.Then it appeared a story about a samurai who was hired to protect peasants from robbers for food and housing.Many researchers believe that creativity director film the best of his creations.

the first time in world cinema has been used a very popular technique today simultaneous shooting three diverse cameras.Here we see the rocking technique of shooting, ingeniously developed later in his work by John Woo.Biographies of each of the seven samurai were recorded in separate notebook film extremely realistic and 284 includes a scene (in the "Rashomon" them, for example, was 57).The full version lasts 3 hours 23 minutes, but the world etc. To hire and Venice film was cut to 2 hours 40 minutes.

However, such tapes do not bring more cash, and the company had to somehow continue to exist.And he takes a witty and dynamic action film "The Bodyguard" ( "Yojinbo") in 1961, about a lonely Ronin (samurai without overlord), stories of mercenaries Syugoro Yamamoto.The film was a great box office success, and a year later, Kurosawa took the continuation of the picture - "Brave Sandzyuro" ( "Sanjuro") (1962).For his role in "The Bodyguard" Toshiro Mifune was named the best actor at the festival in Venice.Both films had a huge impact on the genre thriller.

And in March 1990, Kurosawa still receives his "personal", "Oscar" - Honorary Academy Award "for achievements, inspired, led to the delight and enrich the filmmakers all over the world."And out of his new job, Produced by Steven Spielberg, "Akira Kurosawa's Dreams" in the same year.Eight completely separate stories, "Dreams," directed offer to reflect on the meaning of death and the power of life, the need for creativity and human nature.In one of the stories in the role of Vincent Van Gogh starred popular director Martin Scorsese.

"Rhapsody in August" (1991) on the novel by Kyoko Murase "Nabe no naka" tells the story of the atomic bombing in Nagasaki, seen through the eyes of modern people: children, which tells about the tragedy of the grandmother, and a rich American relative.In the role of Japanese Americans - Richard Gere.The film nedinamichno, frame, in the best traditions of Japanese culture is static and allows you to leisurely enjoy its beauty.Kurosawa finally can afford to remove what he wants.

In April 1993, the company "TOHO" released 31 Kurosawa film on VHS and laserdisc.In the same year he released his latest film, "No, not yet" about the friendship between the writer and his disciples.The film's title - a quote from the dialogue: "Are you ready to go to the other world?"- "No, not yet…".

December 24, 1997, at the age of 77 years, died Toshiro Mifune - people, brilliantly played a major role in more than half of the films of Kurosawa.

Akira Kurosawa: "He is a very fast moving and in one motion could convey what the others wanted at least three and at this swiftness, he was always able to express very subtle feelings actors rarely make me a strong impression, but Toshiro Mifune was an exception!.to the rule. "

September 6, 1998, at the age of 88 years, Akira Kurosawa died.