Mallorca Ibiza Summer 2009

What do you associate Ibiza?The most fashionable clubs, bright party, unbridled joy ... And Mallorca?Delightful nature, crystal clear sea, white yacht, Mediterranean nonchalance.Enjoy the charm of the Balearic Islands will be able to participants a unique business forum Sailing - Second Russian Business regatta!It is in this water area from 4 to 11 July held a unique sailing race, which will be attended by the captains of Russian business.

This is not the first regatta that aims to unite the Russian business under the bright and spectacular sailing competitions.Last summer, the Russian business regatta took place for the first time off the coast of Sardinia and Corsica.

In the race was attended by 22 teams, nearly 200 representatives of the business world.Participants do not require any maritime training.On the contrary, one of the main objectives of the organizers was to attract sailing people who had never entered aboard a sailing yacht.

On each boat, only one person has been a professional sailor

- skipper.And he obeyed all the others.The sea captain's word - the law, even for owners of large companies.

first pancake, contrary to the adage, was baked quite accurately.The first Russian business regatta remembered not only a great wind and great otyhom but new acquaintances and business contacts.And after a few months, many of the newly yachtsmen met again in the regatta, held under the auspices of the RBC, - "Caribbean Sailing Week.Russian Business Cup ".

In March 2009 the Russian businessmen fortunate enough to experience the beauty of the marine element on the islands of Antigua and Barbuda.Although again, most of the participants for the first time acquainted with the device boat, sailing terminology and yacht management methods that did not stop them within a few hours vigorously controlled by the sheet, mainsail, staysail, turn the winch in the right direction and even to help, rather than hinder the captain whenmooring.

On the second day, in spite of the very severe weather conditions, the latter-day sailors worked so smoothly that yachts perform complex turns quickly, accurately and beautifully.

this summer Second Russian Business regatta invites their friends and new players stand under sail in the waters of Balearic interesting.During the week a fleet of 25 yachts will visit four Spanish islands - Mallorca, Cabrera, Ibiza and Formentera.An exciting race in the bay of Palma de Mallorca, night crossings, parking in a nature reserve, the beaches of Formentera and Ibiza clubs are waiting for the sharks of the Russian business.

RBC invites to the second Russian business regatta of all those who want to spend an unforgettable this summer and feel the charm of the marine element.