New Year's dressed in white .Brazil ( World Travel )

Where to celebrate New Year in white?Where in January, the height of summer?The largest tree in the water?Best kaperinya?And the greatest waterfall and the largest area of ​​the Amazon jungle?

course in Brazil.New Year is considered a very big holiday, which is celebrated with astounding scope.The modern Brazilian culture - is a strange mixture of European culture and traditional Indian and African beliefs.Traces of African culture is especially noticeable on the coast of Brazil, particularly in Rio de Janeiro.In the New Year every Brazilian is bound to bring sacrificial gifts Imanzhe African Goddess - Lady of the Seas, which is identified with the Virgin Mary, and God Oryx.To this end, each brings with candles and flowers.Burning candles on wooden stands are sent into the sea and make a wish, in this case, the longer the candle does not go out, the more likely that it will be fulfilled.

Five reasons to go to Brazil:

1.Rio de Janeiro - a city which admired "grand strategist" Ostap Bender.Rio is kn

own all over the world a dazzling azure ocean, golden beaches Copacabana and Ipanema, white waves, giant bowl of the stadium Maracana, the Sugar Loaf and the statue of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado mountain.Moreover, it is Rio is the starting point for most trips around the country.

2.Prirodnye wealth of Brazil: one of the most amazing waterfalls in the whole world - Iguassu, mysteries and diversity of the natural world of the Amazon jungle, the incomparable beauty of the dunes Lensua Maranes and unique landscapes of the Pantanal.

3.Mnogoobrazie cultures and cities in Brazil, there are over 12 cities-millionaires in the country can be visited as a typical modern city flow of time, rich business centers and skyscrapers, and settlements, transmitting all the features of the Brazilian mentality and atmosphere of the country,the first capital of the country - the city of Salvador to Sao Paulo, the largest and richest city throughout Latin America.

4.Beschislennoe number of stunning beaches and resorts of the famous coastal cities to remote exotic tourist resorts with accommodation in the upper class.

5.Novy year in Rio de Janeiro, the celebration of which is on the beach of Copacabana is a real ritual, as well as the famous Carnival - events that dream to get millions of people.Each year, before the beginning of Lent, the whole Brazil, covered by the continuous thunder of drums, beat the rhythm incendiary samba, immersed in the most noisy, bright and cheerful holiday, a great show on the planet.