New in 2014 in Belarus

New Year - a celebration of childhood.Celebrate it can, and prestige in Egypt or Turkey, but how is it that the most magical Christmas tale with snow, frost patterns on the windows and decorated Christmas trees?I think no.Likewise, it would be impossible to experience the magic of the New Year to the end, if you sit in blue screens, there is Olivier and drink his champagne.So spend your time at any time of the year, and on any given day.

If you have decided to celebrate the New Year outside of the apartment, it should be well thought out, some countries prefer.Ukraine is famous for its ski resorts and the Carpathians, Poland, too, is not far behind, Russia will provide a lot of activities and opportunities of the New Year celebrations.But there is one more wonderful country, where the New Year can turn to you and your children on a holiday.It is Belarus.Many people lose when sidestep spas and health resorts of the country.

Why choose a vacation with children for the new year 2014 in Belarus?

first plus holiday for the New Year 2014 in Belarus is that to travel there do not require a visa and passport.You can fly when you see fit.The most important thing - to pre-book a place at the desired boarding house or hotel.This provides your almost any travel agency.

In Belarus, a stunning climate.Winters are snowy, but not cold.In general, the temperature ranges from +5 to - 7. Since many cities of the country are protected by coniferous plantations, you will bypass the fierce winds.

way, that with regards to the pricing policy.Here you also have a pleasant surprise.Prices for holidays in the New Year 2014 in Belarus with the children will be so pleasing that stay in the country not only fill your soul with positive impressions, but will not leave empty purse.


New Year holidays Well, let's start our journey from the capital of this glorious country.What we can offer Minsk to New Year's Eve?All the capital a little similar in entertainment.Minsk will be bright, with lots of fairy-tale characters, entertainment and Christmas tree.A distinctive feature of this city from other capitals - is the safety of citizens.In Minsk police on duty around the clock - nothing to worry about.The main thing - be careful with alcohol.However, the alcohol need to be careful in all countries.

Tours & New Year program

If you - a fan of winter nature, then New Year's Eve, you should visit the lake Naroch with its extraordinary beauty of the scenery.And the ethnographic museum "Dudutki", located in the open air, will make your New Year's Eve memorable.

should not forget about the fairy-tale castles of Belarus, located in the World, Nesvizh and Grodno.Excursion program lasts all day.Feature visiting castles such that there can taste the national dish of Belarus, namely potatoes of different preparations, baked poultry, homemade sausages.For dessert, you will be offered delicious cakes in cream including Belarusian condensed milk, recognized as one of the best in the former CIS.

Residence Santa Claus

What else is remarkable holiday for the new year 2014 in Belarus with the children?Of course, a visit to the residence of Santa Claus!What do you think - also have Santa Claus in Belarus.He resides in the Bialowieza Forest in the reserve.Return to the post office, electronic, of course, the children send him letters that are gray-bearded old man with a happy answer.Your children will appreciate you presented to a meeting with Santa Claus.

Leisure activities in Belarus

Bored on active pastime?Then the ski resort, which is located not far from Minsk, just for you.The complex is suitable for beginners and for those who are "firmly skiing."On fast tracks ski resort can learn to ride, not only skiing, but also snowboarding.

And the children here can easily come and visit the new 2014 as the organizers will provide plenty of entertainment for your child while you learn skiing.

peaceful holiday

If your New Year's holiday, you want to relax from all the vanities and noisy companies, the Belarusian health resorts for you.In Belarus, a huge number of resorts, which are located far away from civilization and bustle of this world.Here you get the real relaxation, not only for the soul, but for the body, because in the sanatorium provided treatments, massage, gym.A colorful entertainment program in the evening will not let you get bored.

Belarus resorts take on vacation to the new 2014 and 2014 parents with children, arranging for them and treatment, and interesting vacation.

As you can see, Russia did not lag behind its sister-countries.Huge selection for all tastes.All you need to do in order to celebrate New 2014 in Belarus, is to choose the desired leisure activity.