You work , and they have a rest !

They gather in the late afternoon.Young and fashionable, bright and cheerful.They come in one or in groups.They are of different ages, they have no nationality.They are - members of the "Brotherhood of the night."They have loud music, DJ pomodnee, and to all the action - certainly until the morning.They have great respect for all sorts of places of entertainment: bars, clubs, pubs and discos.They are so different.They are so similar - fans of the big parties.You work, and they have a rest! The soul craves fresh experiences, new friends and fun all night long.Billboards and windows of travel agencies are full of tempting offers, promising paradise vacation and an unforgettable experience.How to choose from all this - "everything is delicious".

One of the most popular youth countries remains Turkey .Firstly, it is the most inexpensive holiday, thanks to the last minute, that appear a day or two before departure, and secondly, there is certainly no need to yawn of boredom.With the opening of the summer t

ourist season, begin their work, and numerous nightclubs and discos at the hotels, which by hook or by crook lured to his party-goers from around the world, inventing more and more entertainment: thematic and foam parties, beauty contests and concerts of world celebrities with mandatoryafterparties.

Those who travel to Turkey for the sleepless nights and dancing till you drop, selected mainly two resorts, one of which is bred in the Mediterranean - Kemer, and the second - on the Aegean, Marmaris.Kemer is known for its nightlife.First of all, this "First Aura" (a branch of the Moscow club "First"), "Arena", "Inferno" and the disco at the hotel "Kaplan Paradise", which is located in the village of Tekirova, about 15 minutes' drive from the center of Kemer.On average, the entrance to the club will cost 20-40 dollars.Drinks, of course, for a fee.

In the center of Kemer, a huge number of hotels in 3-4 star, modest in design and range of services, but to all amenities on foot about 10 minutes (eg, Golden Lotus Hotel 4 *, Fame Hotel 3 *, Fame Beach Hotel 3 *Fame Residence Kemer 3 *).Fans of a more comfortable rest can stay in hotels located in the villages around Kemer: for example, "Club Zigana" and "Sungate Port Royal" in Beldibi, which, incidentally, holds joint party with "First Aura" and arranges for its guests complimentary shuttle serviceclub.

If still possible to imagine that in Kemer someone goes just relax, then, lived a couple of days in Marmaris on the Aegean Sea, all at once understand that Marmaris and measured rest are not compatible.The audience is divided into two categories: senior citizens from Germany, Holland, England, in the evenings playing cards on the terraces of hotels or strolling along the boardwalk, and the young people who during the day, usually asleep, and in the evening fills the streets, bars and nightclubs of the city.

Speaking of bars.Marmaris is famous for its "Bar street" (street bars), which brings together the most popular discos and restaurants of the city.To find it, just follow the signs for "Old town, bar street" or just go where noisy.Although Marmaris is not necessary to look for some entertainment - they will find you themselves.Just walk along the quay, waving or listening barkers: almost every hotel or restaurant hosts a night show (for example, a fire show with dancers depicting Michael Jackson).As for the hotel, you can choose almost any, preferring only the location - they are virtually no different from each other.The main purpose - to come and spend a night, not more.

next in popularity among young people can be called Spain.Here, of course, immediately comes to mind Ibiza - the youth and the noisiest resort in Spain.Everyday life on the island from morning until ... the next morning and did not stop for a minute.The hotels in Ibiza, few lives: it is expensive and pointless.There are apartments in great demand, without food, because you can cook and himself.Ibiza Clubs - fun is not cheap, the entrance will cost about Euro 50. You can certainly find entertainment and for 10 euros, but that's another story.Some of the most interesting clubs - Pacha, Privilege, Space and Amnesia, which held a huge number of theme parties.Sometimes on the waterfront carnivals are held true.

But to say that the whole of Spain in Ibiza you like this life ends, so breccia stupidity.The mainland part of the country is trying to keep up with its insular "competitor".Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava each year attracts thousands of tourists from all over Europe, turning into a real Mecca of youth.Basically, all the clubs are arranged in such a way that they reach the foot can be from almost any part of the city ( "Tropics", "Gala", "Surth", "Underwood").In addition, near the sea, you can find small bars with live music.

What stands out in Lloret de Mar on Ibiza, it's close proximity to Barcelona, ​​only 70 km.So the services of another party-goers and night clubs of a large city, of which there are a great many, and all styles: from the garage and the basement promoted to entertainment centers, where are the celebrities from around the world.

In addition, the summer life of Barcelona full of interesting events: June 10, passes Moto Grand Prix of Catalunya, on June 14 to 16 - a festival of electronic music "Sonar", during which in some huge hangar on the outskirts of twist your plate reputable DJs.Without a new pleasant and interesting acquaintances, certainly not enough.

Not far behind Spain and Greece , rather Crete Island.Youth companies invariably choose Hersonissos here, because there are concentrated restaurants, bars, cafes, discos, night clubs and, last but not least, a lot of hotels that offer economical accommodation (eg, 3 * Heronissos, Ilios 2 *).Entrance to some clubs are free, but a prerequisite - a visit to the bar.The most famous club "NRG!", Located on Beach Road, sounds avant-garde music and live DJs from all over Europe.Multiple small discos and clubs offer entertainment in the traditional Greek style for those who want to feel that he is not in a trendy Moscow club, and in the real Greece.

Between mad dancing can visit the ruins of the oldest Christian churches in Crete, go to Heraklion or even in Rethymno, where the wine festival will be held in early July, and at the end - a theater and music festival of the Renaissance.Already the first event definitely not to be missed: just pay an entrance fee, you can taste the true Greek wine, much as you want.

Italy associated mainly with excursions and romance - Venice, Florence, the eternal city of Rome - walk through the ancient streets under harsh views statues, trips to museums and art galleries.However, with the onset of dusk resort towns of Italy does not fall asleep.Nightlife here is, of course, is not as active as in Turkey and Spain, but still have a couple of "reserved places".For example, Rimminen and Riccione, where most of the entertainment is concentrated the entire coast.

Clubs, restaurants, discos are open daily in the summer.The entrance ticket costs about 10 to 25 euros.Agree, is not such a great price, especially in comparison with the clubs of Ibiza.The main thing is not to make a mistake and choose what you are most like.A variety of noteworthy: "Lady Godiva", which are erotic shows, biker club "Gasoline", "L'altro Mondo Studios" - in Rimminen

"Cocorico", "Pacha", "Prince", "Piter Pan",- in Riccione.By the way, the English "DjMag" magazine in 2006, interviewing DJs, has compiled a list of the 50 best clubs in the world.

Nightclub "Cocorico" took 44th place in it - not so bad for Italy (by the way, the list was not a single Russian club).Daily life is full of Riccione Rimminen and at least a night: fireworks, beauty contests, sports tournaments, beach games, carnivals, which certainly someone who knows a lot about Italy and - in general, a moment's peace.Hotels in Riccione Rimminen and fairly simple, no frills.It is better to choose the closer to the center.

Cuba .Despite a rather turbulent history and the difficult political situation in the country, this is an example of the Cuban optimism.This Cuban is in a hurry, no!This Cuban knows that life is beautiful.By understanding this great sense of being a real Cuban rumba dance - and not only.Perhaps Cubans - one of the most dancing nation on earth.Competition can make them except that the Brazilians with their sultry samba.Whatever it was, on the "island of freedom" made to dance.And the tourists are invited to join to everyone dances.You can dance wherever the music - on the beaches during the night walks on the yacht, in the theater or on one of the many discos.Those that tourists are located, usually in hotels: Tuxpan, Cuatro Palmas, Riu de las Morlas and, of course, Bellamar.Varadero is waiting!

And now - the dancing. Malta .If the youth is asking parents for money to travel to Malta, there is no doubt - they go there not only in order to learn English.Malta - edge clubs and discos.Most clubs are "attached" to the hotels, which, however, in no way hinders the entrance to the disco.The most popular place "club" holiday on the island - the town of Saint Dzhulias.At a modest campus are located five hundred clubs, bars, discos and other dance floors.Oh, that's that, and know how to have fun here!

Cyprus .For those whose soul thirsts for diversity, better place than the Cypriot resort of Ayia Napa, just do not find, because everything is a fabulous place consists of discos, bars, clubs, pubs, cafes and restaurants.Barely there is a place for hotels, tour otherwise would have had to sleep on the beach.What, in general, no big deal: excellent beaches here: white sand, all the conditions for surfing ... But something we digress!So, Ayia Napa - a Mecca and Medina clubbers from all over the island and many tourists.Once here the first time, you feel like an actor on the set - so everything is unusual bar "Flintstone", "disco macho", a restaurant in a knight's castle ... Whoever is planning to come here in the "hot season" - from June to October- is to save money and stock up on the colossal amount of energy ...