Adventures in my head

Not all Russians spend their holidays, "vegetable", reclining or seated on a beach in a lounge chair by the pool.For active and curious citizens, there are special tours related to the category of outdoor activities.Such visits do not always come cheap, but in this case the question is not in the price.The main thing - new experience, knowledge and emotions, which are known to be more expensive money.

Crossing mountains and Europe

Equestrian tourism is gaining popularity not only abroad, but also in our country.Do you think that extreme?As experts say, in the well-trained horse after a few workouts can be kept and even a novice to go.

Travel on horseback is possible anywhere.Why not, say, to explore the Chilean Araucanía, Provence French or Spanish Andalusia?All the more so for those wishing to travel in this manner, there are specialized tours.They are not cheap.So, you can spend two wonderful weeks in Brazil, combining both horse riding and beach holiday.Travel is expected to strong South Americ

an pony kreollo, which has long been the most popular "means of transport" in the mountains of South America.

The main highlight of the tour - dive into the lives of these cowboys-herders who live in the southern state of Brazil.True, it is necessary to master the unique style of riding in the saddle with a litter of sheepskin.As part of the tour kreollo make the transition over the vast highlands and canyons.Overnight - at the hacienda, mountain farms and ranches.Proposed national cuisine is not complete without the legendary Churrasco - local kebabs.

cost of such pleasure from 1300 euros per person.Alas, for the air ticket, visa, insurance, drinks, lunch and sightseeing tips, have to pay separately.As a result, the cost of the tour will draw on all 3 thousand. Euros, or even more.

not want to South America?There are plenty of other options - for example, the journey to the center of Mongolia.Tourists are invited to visit Ulan Bator, the capital of the ancient Hanhorin, the first Buddhist monastery Erdene Zuu and, of course, the Gobi desert.As part of the ten-day tour, you can get acquainted with the customs of the ancient Mongol nomads, visit the ancient shrine and take a trip on a camel at the world's largest reserve of the Gobi.And do not be confused that the good hotels in Mongolia available as a class.Sleeps tourists have in tents and yurts, if someone calms.Power is also appropriate field conditions - sandwiches, dried fruit, candy, chocolate, herbal tea.

But the cost of such travel does not correspond to a camp romance - $ 1500.And this does not include airfare, medical insurance, Mongolian visa.Considering all this, the cost would be $ 4000.

seat, as it is known, can be a bicycle.The blessing, and such tours also exist.For example, for a week you can drive around on a bicycle, four countries - Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein.Two-wheeled vehicles can be rented at the starting point of the tour - the German city of Constance - for 50 euros.You can bring a bicycle with you.The organizers will provide you also detailed information package with maps.Accommodation - in a small hotel.Though not luxurious, but with all the amenities.Europe, after all.

Over the blessings of civilization to be paid from 1300 euros per person.But to buy a ticket to Constanta and visas will have their own.Of course, almost every travel agency can take all this trouble on themselves, but in this case the tour price will rise at least another euro to 300.

Expensive?There are a great alternative.For example, it is possible to ride a bike in Finland and explore the picturesque island of Åland archipelago in the heart of the Baltic Sea.Price of Travel, which includes accommodation in a boarding house with breakfast, two toll ferry, route description and map, is 400 euros.Additional costs (visa fees, insurance, travel to Turku, where the journey begins, bike rental) - 200 euros.

In search of underwater treasure

Dive trips - this is not a primitive immersion sessions that as an attraction indulge in almost all the tourists, who arrived on holiday in Egypt.Here diving - main and main occupation.Proposals for such a holiday, you can find on the websites of various travel agencies, but it should be borne in mind that the priority here is not comfortable, and diving, and just diving.Of course, such travel will not tolerate newcomers.The dive trips should be sent only to those who have good training, but almost always there are qualified instructors.

usually travel company chartered a special yacht that charters deliver tourists to the place chosen for diving.Until space of the vessel have to get yourself or to buy tickets and arrange other documents through the same agency.

So, what can be seen through the thick of the world's oceans?In the Cayman Islands, in addition to the beautiful flora and fauna can be found the sunken Russian ship.Coconut Uninhabited island off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica is renowned for its luxurious flora, as well as the surrounding water.Fiji called "coral capital of the world" - the fantastic underwater interiors inhabited by unseen fish.Very interesting are the Galapagos Islands, Hawaii, Indonesia (there are a lot of soft corals and shipwrecks) and so on.Choosing large.But the price, however, much bite.

cost of a five-day tour starts at $ 2,500.But this is the bare minimum.Upper limit is only limited by your imagination.

Behind the scenes

As said ball, the hero of the famous cartoon "Vacation in Buttermilk" "Open Season photoshoot!"Indeed, killing small animals is not necessary.They can capture.For lovers of wildlife photography is also a specialized tours.Of course, on a photo safari in the first place is to go to Africa.There are both exotic and unique corners of untouched wildlife, and colorful locals.

For example, this way you can spend ten days in Botswana to the south of the Black continent, to the Okavango Delta Wildlife Photography get a jeep, and then - through the channels of the delta - two in mokoro, boat, dugout.The chamber, like a gun, one should always keep alert, because in addition to the traditional safari tour includes daily evening and morning photo shoot in the Moremi Reserve, on the River Chobe and Zambezi, Victoria Falls, etc.

As for life, here it is the most modest.Accommodation - in tents, meals three times a day, but the "marching".And behind it all will have to pay 200 thousand. Rubles plus airfare (from 1000 euros without fuel surcharges).Drinks camping, tip the staff, etc.count is also not included.

If you warm in Africa, you can go to Greenland and the hunt of humpback whales.With a camera, of course.From the harbor of Nuuk, which is located on the southwest coast of Greenland, in the mouth of the Bay of Good Hope, the tourists come on a ship in the open sea.They say, easy to see whales in the summer months.In the heat of the hunt at the same time, you can take pictures of fjords, icebergs and glaciers.However, entertainment is available only to those who have "lying around" at least 3,000 euros.

holy place

Want to relax not only the body but also the soul, feel the deep mysteries of religion and feel your own spiritual growth?Then you will approach a trip to the holy places.They, incidentally, offer both religious organizations and secular - the usual travel agency.Directions - for any taste and religion.

tours to the holy places have their own characteristics.Home - economy: budget hotels, cheap shuttle service, simple food.Those who go on such a trip, be prepared for a hefty physical activity - an early morning rise, a long pedestrian crossings, long service.But then, they are pilgrimage tours to pacify the body and uplift the spirit.

One of the most popular areas of the Christians is a journey to the Holy Land.For a week, for example, can be viewed Nazareth, Tel Aviv, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, with a visit to the set of biblical sites and the presence at church services.This tour of the agencies will cost $ 500, plus a ticket to Tel Aviv and back (about $ 550).

For those who practice Buddhism or simply they are interested are invited to a two-week tour of the north of India, in the Valley of the Gods.You can visit temples, Roerich places, the capital of the Mughal Empire, the sacred lake, and possibly the residence of the Dalai Lama.The cost of this tour from $ 1,200.This amount includes accommodation, breakfast, all transfers in the country, excursions and entrance fees to museums, medical insurance and visa.For international travel will have to pay a separate $ 700 no fuel surcharges.If you are going to travel the mountain in India, must be borne in mind that there are so unobtrusive service that is almost completely absent.Yes, and the concept of health where, to put it mildly, peculiar.

delicious journey

prefer spiritual food material, then go to a gastronomic tour.The basis of each such trip - a familiarity with the traditional local food and drink.Often, cooking turns into a real show for the tourists.

Feast on local delicacies can be almost any continent.Among Russians, the most popular tours in Italy, Spain, France.For example, you can go to a car tour of Italy: visit many places and get acquainted with a variety of culinary traditions of the country.Cheese, ham, fish, seafood, pasta and pizza are indispensable, wine.To tourists are not too "heavy with" trips to restaurants interspersed with excursions to museums and visiting the beautiful natural landscape.Weekly trip to Italy will cost 1,700 euros.

Connoisseurs of fine drinks will appeal to wine tours with numerous tastings, visits to vineyards and warehouses.The best route - of course, France!As part of the week-long tour of the classic Paris-Burgundy-Champagne, you can visit the famous for its wines of Reims, Dijon, Epernay and Troyes, learn the history and architecture, as well as taste the legendary French wines and champagne.Of course, the wine does not imply turbulent libations, measured in liters, and bottles.But even a dozen different sips of wine can lead you into a state of heightened vitality.Wine tasting, so to speak, directly from the place of manufacture, will cost at least 1300 euros.

There are options for tours and gastronomic adventurers.For example, a week-long tour in Peru.Secrets of the local cuisine, you can grasp, moving from city to city and from restaurant to restaurant.Main feature of travel - the meat of the guinea pig (as we know, these cute animals since ancient times served as food to local Indians).But the pleasure is not only questionable, but also not cheap - tour will cost from $ 4,000.