Fishing : the anti-crisis vacation

necessarily have to go, there is money or not on vacation.The human body is so constituted that the monotony and routine start to affect the psyche of the most unfavorable way.It appears irritability, depression begins to develop.No wonder many people say "get it all".And why this happens, we often do not think about.

But depressed mental state can lead to very negative consequences.How to get rid of it?It's very simple.There are some very simple ways to improve your health and bring yourself back to normal.The best way - to change the situation, to go somewhere.No matter where - abroad or in the Tver region.In the holiday home or ... fishing.

summer, tent, river often give such a powerful boost of energy, which do not give rest in a luxury resort.Sit around the campfire at night is much more useful than at home watching TV.We, living in the city, often forget how nightingales sing and the color of the sky.Kayak, climbing or just strange wives hobby - fishing.

noticed if her husband is fond of fishin

g, in the house there are no scandals from domestic violence, and divorce rates are much lower.This is understandable as the poor, tortured head of the family work on the tricks of the wind, if he at all times while fishing.Fish, got an adrenaline rush, breathe the air, came home tired and peaceable, and the whole week thinking only of her beloved - about fishing.

There are two categories of fishermen - amateurs and professionals.Lovers - those who are going on a fishing trip, and gets on skewers with vodka.They usually have some good gear, and packed cool, but the fish they do not happen.Businesses very different in temperament people.In summer, the summer fishing, in winter for winter, spring for the spring - and so throughout the year.Always buy the missing gear, hooks and fishing line.Think of boats, motors for and dream of "trophy" pike.I translate for the ignorant - "trophy" pike - particularly large specimen, caught in the pond.Typically, the weight begins to 6 kilograms.On the rivers, such as the Akhtuba, the weight of "trophy" pike can reach 11-12 kg and above.

To achieve its goals the professionals do not stint, constantly buy fishing rods and spinning rods with some unusual formation or spinning reels with unique parameters.As a rule, avid fishermen while fishing strong drinks do not drink, only after, and never before.

There is a good Russian proverb "to a rabid dog seven miles is not a hook," which fully reflects the state of the fisherman, learned that at Seliger and Lower Volga takes good perch.If you take, then we go.When the wife says, "Darling, let's go have a rest in Turkey", the answer is the same: "And what will I do there, lying belly up on the beach?"So I want our wives to give one piece of advice: if the husband is a fisherman, ask him whether he caught sea bass in the Aegean Sea, he suddenly peck at the bait, dreaming and go.

Rybak are usually for unknown reasons, it's like sudden love.There's different does not happen - or loves the person fishing or not.Love for fishing is given once in a lifetime, and there is no change of divorces.Fished all his life until his death.There are also happy family fishing couple who both at home and fishing are always together.Family quarrels they occur only on the basis of section gear.It looks like this is always the same.

husband: "Why have you taken my floats, you also have their own ?!"

Wife: "Do your best."

Husband: "Yeah, and fishing again say that I am not able to catch!"

Wife: "And who is the last time caught bream 3 kg, are you there?"

And now a little about nature.The best time for summer fishing in the middle lane in the sense of comfort - this June and July.Optionally, go on a fishing trip with a bunch of stuff (tent, boat, smokehouse, etc.).You can go on a fishing base and live in the comfort of nature, but this is who he loves.Selecting a large, moderate prices, and a wonderful vacation.Usually these databases are provided various kinds of services, such as: rental of boats and gear, ranger services, and much more.

And most importantly - the air filled with aromas of herbs, sunrise and silence.What else does?


P. S .:

Total 130 km from Moscow to Leningrad Highway - and you find yourself directly on the Upper Volga, in this place connected two big pond - the Volga and the reservoir itself Moscow Sea.Tent, inflatable boat and a little luck, what do you need for happiness?

By the way, Moscow is taking a good sea bream to maggots.Time does not bite in the early morning, and from 9:00 to 13:00.Karas standard grams at 350. Sometimes some individuals fly up to 1 kilogram.Predator practically takes.