Adventure Tourism - the most expensive source of adrenaline

But the bright minds in travel agencies still have not lost the ability to come up with such routes and adventures that make the heart beat faster every traveler.For those who can not imagine a holiday without extreme situations, there are a lot of interesting offers.Traditionally, when talking about the extreme tourism, travel imply associated with dangerous sports: mountain climbing, scuba diving, snowboarding and others.However, there are many other ways to tickle your nerves.For example, to test their endurance by sending a real expedition to the North or South Pole.Such routes are becoming increasingly popular among the wealthy tourists in recent years.But even if a large-scale expedition you do not like (or can not afford), accompanied by experienced instructors any healthy person is able to walk to ski to the North Pole and back.And all my life and then remember to tell the grandchildren and a certificate to show: I was on the edge of the Earth.However, even the most modest trek to the North Pole

will cost more than 15 000 euro per person.Standard route: Murmansk - Svalbard island - one of the polar bases - the North Pole.And back.

Another interesting trip to the South Pole.There underfoot continent after all.And not just the land, and Antarctica, the fifth largest and the coldest continent in the world.However, the surface itself will not be able to see the mainland: it is hidden under the ice cap, the thickness of which reaches almost 5 kilometers!Impressive?In as much impressive and exclusive travel price - about 33,000 euros per person.For that kind of money for a few days it can be difficult to deal with at one of the polar bases, ride dog sledding, snowmobiling and snowmobile, see the northern sowing and famous penguins.These funny, clumsy birds are 8 species.

Polar difficulties and dangers still insured instructors and tour operators.The risk, of course, there is, but it is a reasonable and moderate.What can be said about another popular tourist route.Whatever it may seem crazy, but more and more people coming in ... Chernobyl.Not to live, of course.Be Like, look at the dead city on the lush vegetation that people unattended, and not without the help of radiation become downright Ukrainian jungle.The surrounding forests in the years since the terrible disaster filled with wild beasts.Ghost town of Pripyat was once home to 47,500 residents.Now here's an eerie silence.Photographers will find on the deserted streets and ruined buildings of an infinite number of stories for the bleak industrial works.Especially curious can get closer to the nuclear plant and see the object "Sarcophagus", which lie more than 90 tons of radioactive waste.Where else can you find so many thrills for just $ 200?

Another type of nontraditional travel - jailoo tourism.This is a great opportunity to learn from within the culture and daily life of primitive or nomadic tribes.In general, tourism is any "immersion".Classic jailoo - in Kyrgyzstan.There, on the mountain pastures, you are waiting for a flock of sheep, fresh mare's milk, and an overnight stay in a yurt shepherd.Those who at least once visited this pastoral paradise, begin to think about changing professions.There jailoo la rus: a few days in this Russian hut.But such fun is only interested in foreigners.If they are able to surprise and cloudy liquid under the strange name sa-mo-gon, then our fellow citizens need to surprise other beverages.For example, in the impenetrable Amazon jungle, local magicians will be happy to drink a mysterious liquid gullible tourists - Yaga.They say that this nauseating brown slurry - the most powerful hallucinogen.Local cunning shamans will be assured that you live in the jungle, at least a few years, but without trying Yaga, do not understand the peculiarity of primitive tribes.A hundred times think before you believe swarthy bouncer.Community space may be unsafe.It is better to just try to survive with these strange aborigines in the harsh conditions of the jungle.And no cosmic revelations life plank huts on stilts in the middle of the swamp, and a riot of flora and fauna is maddening many intrepid travelers.

Well, if space is still calling and lures, it is possible to go into orbit.The estimated price of the week on the ISS - 20 million dollars.It does not matter, as long as space tourists can be counted on the fingers.Recently, their ranks replenished with the first woman.It's only the beginning!In the spring of 2007 in the space it will be sent to the American, in the autumn of the same year - a citizen of Malaysia, and in 2008 is scheduled flight of tourists from Korea.It is also planned in the near future to carry out sightseeing flights around the moon - for $ 100 million.Such are the immediate plans of the Russian Space Agency, which provides training and do tourist flights to the ISS.But there is also the company Space Adventures, which specializes in sub-orbital flights.Can not be doubted, flying in the uppermost layers of the atmosphere - the matter of the near future.Several thousand people have already confirmed their full willingness to pay up to 200 thousand dollars for such a journey.And the company intends to build a tourist spaceport in the United Arab Emirates, the emirate Rasalu Khaimah (Ras Al-Khaimah), an hour's drive from Dubai.The UAE government has already made an initial contribution to the project.

Those who can not pay for the flight and 200 thousand dollars, the proposed budget option - watch as others take off.The four-day tour to Baikonur will cost $ 2,500.Book a place need not later than 45 days before the start of the space.But the spectacle is worth it!No sound louder.The organizers of the laser and pyrotechnic show nervously smoking in aside.