And I came to you, O city of many faces,
By expanses of space, in the open palaces
I loved your noise, all the street screaming:
Chant newsmen, whips and bells

I loved your world, like a dream, varied
and always breathing, painfully alive ...
your element - the life, only it your temptations,
You breathed on me - and I'm forever yours.

sometimes seemed to me you mercilessly old,
But more elated as frisky child.
In the evening, quiet time for the fading boulevards
windows Between the sparkling stream of people rolling.

flashed lights, wrapped in yarn
Chestnut royal throwing its call
Night Lights advertising, flying crews,
and grew, and grew rapidly dull, the human tide.

And these thousands and thousands of passers
I was aware of a wave, the current in the new century.
And I followed avidly during freestyle rivers,
himself - a drop of at the bottom of their rocky beds,

And you stood in the mist - a powerful as fate,
Colossus, crushing countless rati ...
But skudel paean my crazy broth

and cities with People do not fall fight ...

When, tired of vision and light,
I seek refuge - I beckoned Cathedral,
long been celebrated solemn poet ...
How sweet is my dream inflamed eyes,
Aswere sweet to me, patterned glass,
outlets in the sky - interlacing stars and individuals.

Behind them vanity involuntarily died out, faded,
Prev eternity soul stretches out down ...
Forgetting chant psalms and moan body,
I saw only light, holy kaleidoscope,
only paint and color shining through the mist ...

was il is life?and the cradle?and the coffin?
and begins to rotate round the mirage, smenyayaVse rainbow colors, all reflections of lights.

and paint were the world.In the deep abyss of heaven is not the only weapon
images century, without tiring,
Pat eyes jubilant shadows?
And there, behind the Seine, was still sacred refuge.
circular temple and in the abyss of the sarcophagus,
Where, separated from all the sleeping Emperor captive, -
Severe our prophet and our enemy is fatal!

pours through the window light, the gold, the blue,
soft, faint light, mysterious as darkness.
Transparent banner he trembles at the shrine,
Merging with the spirit of the eagle's wing!

The longer you stand here, all around the mute,
But in eerie silence grows silent thunder,
and revives all that was a children's fable,
and with the inability to stand face to face!He

century ruled as n

Arus sailors,
He pointed to the millions of souls of their death
And suddenly squeezed his prison wall rocks,
As roofing, plied molten firmament.

he fell asleep in the palace - and gaze opened in the prison,
died, not realizing there was a nightmare ...
Or he did not escape?you dreams, that in the tomb?

And suddenly come in here - with a rod and the purple robe, -
And before you will fall down, we, Napoleon!
And these extremes!- All the violence of our lives,
medieval world, the greatness of the terrible days, -
Paris, you Sedin in his sacred chalice,
Cooking terrible poison of tsesen and ideas!

You humanity - Maelstrom.In vain people
Dream of your influences escape!
You should all be mixed in monstrous vessel.
shines his thread, invisible haze melts.

You take all powerfully in gears,
And talkin 'about the souls of all, and veesh light dust.
And eternity tears sprinkle it like dew ...

And you stand in Paris, as a mill for centuries!
In your opportunities, you have a spirit of the movement,
You willingly elated, and Free wings shadow
Lies and now to our generations,

And to be a great day here can be every day.
Dams barricades plunges you safely into walls,
and closes the flow of restless times,
and fragmenting it into a beautiful spray of foam.

He ran on, broken, transformed.
barbarians invade into your compressed circle, crushing
Treasured corners of thy holy palaces,
but had no control over the secret of eternal sword were:

Like a phoenix, you flew out of the smoke, alive and new.
Paris is not all of the houses, and in the face of this il:
It is part of the story, the idea, the fairy tale, nonsense.
you understand his immortality, of the great, and Brad
your disappearances - no!