Byzantium - an imaginary journey


Peacocks near the throne Basileus
golden with emerald eyes sharp.All
ornate palace - right, left.
view from the palace garden always appear.

And life, in fact, the amount of different streets,
other crooked - well, so what?
House include fools and clever, and
room - tables, clothes, bed.

Mechanics in high esteem.And poetry.
protopatriky drinking wine on Fridays,
apart: once a week - so useful,
to Well no one can say - this drunk.

Gardens abundant.A huge palaces.
theological disputes in the market
heavy - as if we drag logs,
not crushed b - Threaded dispute in the heat,

in the heat, Or in the heat.The sky magnificently.
and woven fabrics.A lot of effort.
And life is still not heard, and who believe
- we romeytsy were?

And who knows, we fought,
loved, believed and feasting,
stake all go into golden vertically, they
nemateryalny - as it happens ...


Byzantine angel stretched out
Wings shining over the empire.
The reality is unlikely, first grade -
On the ground, the reality is always the one more.

Melting Byzantium light,
downmix miracle towards material:
And it is not a justification,
As was spoken flat, banal.

the bazaar theological dispute,
forgotten bird bread in baskets.
Low daily life cop
For in heaven no need Carmine.
basileus us from celestial states

Byzantine angel wings spread out
grand scale.
dispute ended in the bazaar.A Power
not avoid collapse.

not avoid the collapse of anyone.Time
us neutral?Indifferently?
and go into the darkness of the empire,
As they are destined - obediently.


Basileus bored, and he
food fun sometimes.
Cook covers golden
weight cream cake.
Why Can
bored great king?
staircase in Byzantium very much.
Their stage - height dictionary.
basileus wishes cup juice.

Yevstigney - merchant - keeps track
Golden - what a joy!Each
mikrosolnyshkom blesnёt,
And then in the shower ten rainbows.
Chariton - skilled thief - and now plans a robbery

up with him tramp - will lead,
shops and pretty pinched.
varnishes enamels master
Mouth furnace plays scarlet fever.

World lush, sunny and ravine
Every gesture is serious - not a game.
- the Son consubstantial with the Father there?
- Yes, and how could it be otherwise?
Ile bazaar disputes not to face?There are important trade
in theology every sophisticated.Thin screen
thick book,
Every garden, even if it is small -
in great color scheme.

Still bored basileus,
Tolstoy cat caresses.Okay.
Byzantine world of huge, all
So magnificently arranged, efficiently, smoothly.
Clamps faith.Dark
very scary guy basil.
summer only!And yet - spring!Yet
summer attracts more and more.
Couple near urban ponds.
Look - beautiful lovers.
A client in barber shop ill -
Coughs, what are the prospects?
I go, I see the world -
Gold it, it is purple.
The bench jeweler
a moment I look at the way the carbuncle.
Oh, not in this case - I want to learn
code - a set of numbers that you?
Secret Byzantium.But

Gazit book master.pain
notes will sound today in his eyes.
A body plays a basileus.No
war and peace in all hearts.And
province calm.Urban Forest
whether to believe in the darkness?
slope of the roof and gabled roofs?
What then will the winter.
relatives by blood
ought not to quarrel - but the argument is still there.
Let no old, if at Yeats.
past - it hides the message,
her my soul seeks Often,
in modern tired - here,
where material excessively,
Message former beacon?- Undoubtedly,
This light I used to read a book.

* * *

Romeytsy currently dissatisfied -
growing taxes, roads bread,
everywhere pestering war,
Another decree absurd.

Protopatriky drinking shamelessly.
pompous church ... Where is God?
Again anxious at heart,
and shops ruin tax.

bureaucratic colossus
hardly resists.And
- envied car,
Because nothing burns.

But rejoice vineyards,
Again is sunny path.
there are many temptations,
But you can not deny the gifts.

not in the church, God, and in our souls.
Icons look strict.The men did not see

sushi Already that year in a row.

wave in the port of the tower shakes -
so grandiose ships.And quietly sink
day yesterday
In the treasury of the future of the earth.

Byzantine Empire, Byzantium, the Eastern Roman Empire (395 [3] -1453) - State took shape in 395 as a result of the final section of the Roman Empire after the death of Emperor Theodosius I in the western and eastern parts.

Less than eighty years after the partition of the Western Roman Empire ceased to exist, leaving Byzantium historical, cultural and civilizational successor to ancient Rome for almost ten centuries of history of late Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

name "Byzantine" Eastern Roman Empire had in the works of Western historians after his fall, it comes from the original name of Constantinople - Byzantium, where the Roman Emperor Constantine I moved the capital in 330, the empire, officially renamed the city in New Rome.

Sami Byzantines called themselves Romans - in Greek "Romeo" and its power - "Roman (" Romeyskoy ") empire" (in middle (Byzantine) language - Βασιλεία Ῥωμαίων, Basileía Romaíon) or briefly "novels» (Ῥωμανία,Romania).Western sources for most of the history of the Byzantine called it "the empire of the Greeks" because of the predominance of Greek language, culture and Hellenized population.

In Ancient Russia Byzantium commonly called "the kingdom of the Greek", and its capital - Constantinople.

capital of Byzantium throughout its history was Constantinople, one of the largest cities of the medieval world.The largest territory controlled Empire under Emperor Justinian I (527-565).Since then, the state has gradually lost its ground under the onslaught of barbarian kingdoms and Eastern tribes.After the Arab conquest Empire occupied a territory of Greece and Asia Minor.A strengthening in the IX-XI centuries gave way to serious losses, the collapse of the country under the blows of the Crusaders and death under the onslaught of the Seljuk Turks and the Ottoman Turks.