Openwork Prague

* * *

violin music sounds
Openwork twisted Prague.
and music high
true light of consciousness strengthen.

Ridge medieval forces
Rises St. Vitus Cathedral.
Prayer has contained excessively,
and depth of his stitched

metaphysical lights.
through the stained-glass windows - multicolored light.A further
streets - rays
diversity.wind sighs.

I'm going up, and then down,
ladder play with me.
and modern everyday life of me wonderfully


Vltava music flows.
Vltava - a horn aquatic glory.
and brocade in the sun blesnёt.

Multicolor palette waters
Dadena - that silver's blue.It
- modern aluminum
overflow, with highlights blesnёt.

Music - Sounds!
With Charles Bridge - a glimmer of light.Here
river water burning rays,
Vista Water plot.Music
continuous river sounds.


Kafka Kafkaesque Prague
color gray-black.Dusty's office.
House looking at you, very angry,
infinity in the corridors of the house.

Stairs and bend and creak.
Court under the roof,

and no windows.
Kafkaesque court essentially hell -
Hell is always contrary to the light.

Kafkaesque Prague lives
Mystique.Come out to the cathedral.
A Cathedral - it is in fact the flight,
Clear only the inner eye.


With Charles Bridge, they look
The prospect of our motley days.
Few things in motion understand.
Prague admired his.

kings, heroes - whose works
important was decorated, heavy
path - not turned out to be true, in the pit of the Void
once led a powerful verb.

Pedestrians on the bridge flow
motley often move.So.
Being in the crowd probably lonely.
associated with the past.This - a hidden character.

Vltava, answering the sun, glare
Gives all cheerful diversity.
on her game looks great
character, a strange reality.

* * *

Units alleys untwining,
get anywhere on the Charles Bridge.
glare Vltava gold,
And the music fills the brain.

mysterious and varied,
mystical Prague.Olden
just eh require sarcasm -
Mol, modernity is important to us.

Dvuglav St. Vitus Cathedral -
Him logical cloud,
The soft curl route
one who went far away,
To dveriotvorit Cathedral,
and plunged into semi-darkness -
very pleasant to the eye,
I will not answer why.

A donkey drink beer in the tavern,
in which Svejk sometimes beer.
Then enter the alley ancient -
And then open, which was not expected.

Rainbow over Prague

With fingers clouds sprayed water,
Rainbow later shine -
Color miracle wire
City gratefully accepts ...
We must Vltavou rainbow blossoms,
By adding their water gold.
Greens in lanes nalёt,
past rich praised.How to
streets fruits Zlato
Masters tourist interest?More interesting
gamma height -
Spires, tile - honestly ...
For city tall blooms,
spiers in the heavenly world aspires.
And silently sings spiers.Rainbow
enjoy the singing.

* * *

Patina on Peterzhinskoy tower,
red tile around.
Here is the history of the last day,
And above it blooms heavenly meadow ...
Here is now a neighborhood -
Charles Bridge.His sculptural system.
And with Svejk would be wonderful
sit in a cozy pub.