And he whispers - forgive debts ...
But "m" swallows.Suite.
massive white stucco,
Wealth situation plus.
The city - garden architecture.
Dialers facades
looking after running.And Venice
structure swallow light.

Sunset - a fading sky,
Later - injection of darkness.A
gondolas do not need bread,
Once fed small waves of hills.In
wading piles
You will see a herd of gondolas - good.
Another's speech - German?Yiddish?
with the definitions do not rush.

Our Father Who
read in the hotel has long been asleep, I was very drunk.But
mile on board
actually luxurious suites - their flaw
itself a luxury, whose excess
pompous past gives.
Café You take a drink?
Kohl damp, grappa is suitable.

and pearl with fish oil
you offer lights.
for dinner - pasta with soft cheese.
Eat, and do not look out the window.
will come morning, canceling
Vaughn those lamp series.
silver and gently playing,
day would look in the mirror of water.Here

wave obviously flattering -
lick steps day and nigh

pilasters in beautiful curls,
Another pattern - that the octopus.
gargoyles, angels, columns,
and lions of St. Mark - the world, trampling
grayness laws,
Where satiety - a true idol.

Bridges over water smoothly!
Their sophisticated thread.
water entices you to rest,
This winces fate.How to boil
beaked mask here can not count.
For details of accounts have
magnificent daggers

raincoats, overcoats, dominoes,
Jesuits - soup flesh.
is - a great, unknown,
thin, potbellied.Drink wine!
How reliable guardian lion?
The Palazzo - cryptography wealth.
For the mansions walk
Allows hardly your status.

Cernei lacquer black coffin
Deliver gondola to the island.About
cover - gray lumps fraction,
Already shudder living skeleton.
And the city itself in the mist all.Here
Nebbia - milk wraith.
Footprints in the fog - like minks.
and stone suddenly loses weight.Here

city of dreams.In the water - newt,
or dragon - anything.A

lanes in unison with Vivaldi There have nobly.
ripples wind started easily.
Doge in a gondola no longer sit.
Skvozyasche-rocky garden
All at once the soul has laid down.

pity kollonnovozhaty not
wine drinketh, idle talk over a cup
The inn to anyone.For me
Lad turns dimensional part.Such rare
of empty niches
everywhere felt damp.
Suppose something happened in my life -
As revelation and grace
Dana Venice star.


There Aretino - bearded,
Caprice - once lived for a long time.Age keeps
water without
Through reflection sense - rich
Reestrik reflected her,
Wilde il Proust - the water does not matter.
Chic modern boldly
picks garlands full days.Here

jewelry garden - big-eyed,
fruits eagerly looking into the soul.
Rubies are red burn,
Sapphires being asked out,
Diamonds larger look.
I pass by, I coward.
surrounding houses - volume,
And in them the story itself.

cobbled stones round the yard.
bow.And the lights -
Their light - crowded look.According
Enfilade should we contact you soon as
eh pass inside the palace.
magnificent greatness!
Vaughn head primstilas bull -
light jokes with a clutch end.

At night Degtiarnaya water
heavy weight flickers.
Cathedrals night sometimes
involve double - soul groans.
The water streaming thread stars,
Silver these threads
relation to secret events.
and magnificent floats bridge.

Well, hurry
Rate the kingdom Bellini, Titian!
Damned in Paradise Venetian days.
sewing and light painting rays,
and cloud drape.

Powerboat turned smartly,
embarrassed by his speed.