Ragusa .Italy

Ragusa (Italian Ragusa Beach, JRC Rausa..) - A town in the Italian region of Sicily, the administrative center of the homonymous province.It is considered the most dynamic city of the Italian south.For its peculiar history, socio-economic environment and urban ensembles in the style of Sicilian baroque Ragusa is also called "island on the island."Together with seven other cities of Noto Valley Ragusa on the list of World Heritage sites of the city is St. YuNESKO.Pokrovitelem.John the Baptist.City Festival on 29 August.

Ragusa is divided into two parts: in the west - a modern rectangular building Upper City (Italian: Ragusa Superiore.), In the east - Lower City (Italian: Ragusa Ibla.), Built on the site destroyed by an earthquake in 1693 the old city.Through the ravine that separates the two parts of the city, thrown three bridges.

first human settlements on the territory of the scientists attributed to the end of the III millennium BC.e.The first inhabitants of the area considered Sica, which some in

the XVIII century BC.e.He ousted King Sicula Iblon.He founded on the site of the modern town of Ragusa Ibla Ereya, giving him his name and devoted his patron goddess Era edge.The city has repeatedly been subjected to a siege by the Greeks.Thanks to the victory of Phalaris, tyrant Akraganta, the city has gained fame in the ancient world and was nicknamed "Brave city."

In the IX century, after long wars, the city 200 years captured the Arabs, who brought with them new crops and set up irrigation systems.In 1090 a popular uprising, supported by the Normans, the Arabs were expelled.In 1091 Roger appointed his son Goffredo first Duke of Ragusa, and thus the city was ruled autonomously.When Hohenstaufen Ragusa has been returned to the ownership of the Crown.

turning point in the history of Ragusa was an earthquake January 11, 1693, which killed nearly half the city's population.The city was rebuilt, resulting in Ragusa has gained outstanding architectural monuments of the Sicilian Baroque.

In 1848 Ragusa supported revolutionary actions against the Bourbons in 1860, sent reinforcements to the body landed in Marsala Garibaldi.

In the early XX century, Ragusa was the site of the first Nazi speeches in Italy, when the city struggle between socialist and fascist organization povlёkshaya killing of several socialists.In 1927, the province of Ragusa was created.

During World War II, Ragusa suffered from numerous bombings allied aircraft.In January 1945 in Ragusa broke popular revolt that swept the poorest segments of the population, which was suppressed in blood.

In 2002 Ragusa, together with other cities in the valley of Noto has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Blessed garden - Ragusa!-
Poets sing the motherland.
There is no union with sadness -
too sunny days come.There have
gardens magic range,
And just written poems.
Road cut short pit:
Dig the judges sins.But the church promises
Wrestling Opposite.And

home cozy.What passes childhood
teenager like very.
And the old man that life is
hardly news.But death can

news of that freedom,
What in life is not to find?


There theatrical stage
Comedy offer us.
and shall be glad teenagers,
After all, they do not need to AMD.
Trade also flourishes -
in Venice We send ships.
Brocade zlatistaya plays,
A silk shine ... almost mica.
rich houses with gardens,
Where shadow cozy world.
poet plays with words -
And it is impossible to understand.


The walls on the bank of the company
Athletes noisy drinking and eating.
The end - can not say in advance
relaxed every gesture.
Wine in noble vessels,
and grilled meat there,
Bread, herbs - whatever you want ...
will laugh, eat and drink.
gold coins
give us the illusion of freedom.Above the sun
world sovereigns -
as a denial of the small dramas.


alley, very narrow
rich flavor have.
That gray-yellow house, in which
coughing, sick,
suffer, rejoice, sleep ...
Library is - rich.
open shutters - that look
will absorb - if when you forget?
clock on the wall, on the
Coat wonderful vintage.
road to the church gold
Seem too long.


Tile red sun
burns, and sheds a little.
sky flock of pigeons laughs, laughter
this, look not Forget.
good walk around the alleys,
Ile writing poetry in his garden.

Once I believed I walk
invented - waking to trouble.