Lodge, courtesy absorbed.
From wall paper.
House all - as yesterday.
Sginte, change!

Rock Garden offers us
complex systems.
soul who understands
Duden topic?

Rock Garden - a sense of the island,
Dan in miniature.
sense is not afraid of any number,
no war, no storm

changes that neighborhood.
Small cozy cottage.
little man, to be honest
In the world of round toe.

But humility and meekness
mean a lot in life.
And in my heart opened lotus,
For passions are false.


glare blue and steel tower,
Dragons runaway train blind.
lights swarm, trodden day yesterday,
And without it the future given hell.

But hell, in general, no, there are plasma life -
color and multi sverhnapor.
Advertising racing rider - the aforesaid aims to
forced to buy what the eye sees -

What does the eye - countless products, machinery
Vaughn, whose miracles are strong.Here
flavor restaurants, bars here -
Sake and sushi, we need to take.

Power Tokyo, buzzing, swarming,
Night in silver and

blue signs.
yo swings
Any moment of destiny, that you forget yourself.

rock garden


Rock Garden
this model of the universe.
Garden beautiful, strange,
created with a certain purpose.Close
former ...

logic sounds we can not hear - then
reason for searching.
Butterfly flashed,
Dragonfly froze.Life
What used to be.
Life is all preserved.
Rock Garden sereet -
Stones - just the power,
Who will be able to understand?Each stone
unknown forces.
is not sad,
If prospects
know.Can not be.
time rhythmically
kills slowly, but surely.
But it returns
Garden embrace the stones.
Always Be Sunshine.
your life merges with other


In it the logic of its own, its
sense Architecture, strength
That silence where the tomb -
only shadow spaces being ...


Kyoto, antique storing
essence pagodasopens tender:
sky particle therein - boundless
Generally it is, and serene -
bye fire.
stairs go, then
minuesh red gate.
And here it is - a multilayered house:
House testimony, and the arch.

Kyoto with the buzzing,
and rhythm of modern breathing.
Story skyscrapers - prayers he
respiration still lower.
And the neighborhood - glass, concrete.
And here - quiet nature
The old pagoda, where the background
Mountain under the eye of the sky.