The premiere of " Admiral " :

October 6 at the "Pushkin", the premiere of the Russian film "Admiral".The shooting process of the film with a budget of 16 million dollars lasted about one and a half years, and an active advertising campaign began a year ago.On the evening of the premiere guests theater stages waiting for the organizers specially built ship.Firing gun salute thundered volleys, behind splashing water, and on board the cruiser played a military band.The second orchestra consisting of young cadets, played near the monument to Alexander Sergeyevich.

From distinguished guests first arrived Mtsituridze Catherine, dressed in a bright pink mini dress.Celebrities go through two long-distance entry, and the nerve photographers unfolded the real battle for places at the banners.

performer of the main female role Elizabeth Boyar came with a bouquet of roses, photographed with film director Andrei Kravchuk and producer Anatoly Maximov and very quickly disappeared, promising that will pose later.Konstantin Khabensky, who played i

n "Admiral" the main role - Admiral Kolchak, the event did not appear.

Among the guests were seen Fyodor Bondarchuk, Konstantin Ernst, Sergei and Irina Bezrukov, who did not let journalists, radio host Alla Dovlatov, Alexander Strizhenov actors Elena Zakharova, Anna Kovalchuk, Alexei Guskov and Sergei Garmash.regular guests also attended film premieres: Arkady Ukupnik, the girls from the group "Factory" and Evelyn Bledans, does not release from the clutches of Victoria Lopyreva.

stars walked to the crowd and generously gave interviews.On the question of all answered the same film: "Excellent director, talented actors, shooting ambitious - I expect from this film very much!".

From somewhere in the crowd suddenly appeared businessman Yevgeny Chichvarkin, dressed as always extravagantly: red and white shirt with multi-colored pendants and bracelets, red velor sweat pants and green shoes.Chichvarkin refused to pose in a banner, but to help one of the "sailors" to pull a rope ladder through: so the organizers were trying to avoid the crowds at the entrance to the cinema.

Chichvarkin, received as a gift the book "Admiral" on the film for some reason did not go.After giving a short interview with one of the channels, Eugene went briskly along the way waving the photographers.

But the artist Daniil Fedorov, on the contrary, sought media attention: it took a long time picture pose, looking at the ship, but this time the journalists seem to have found more interesting shots.

The crowd of guests and journalists were also seen young women with clipboards who enthusiastically looked around and takes off with a squeal at the sight of another celebrity.It turned out that Russian fans made a real star competition on the number of autographs.