Overview of cultural events : the end of April

in Moscow mark the arrival of spring, listening to the violin, looking at the fiery Elektra and praising the film-makers and tourism biznesa.14 April at the Central House of the Entrepreneur ceremony took place Travel Academy Awards Award Ceremony.the first face 300 leading Russian and foreign companies have become guests of the ceremony, the head of the consular sections of embassies of 50 owners and managers of Russian and foreign airlines.

best airline recognized Aeroflot, hotel - Marriott Aurora, Consulate to obtain business visas - Consulate of Switzerland, the best country for business events - Great Britain.

special guest and chairman of the jury was Robert Daikin, CEO of «Corporate Travel Partnership», a recognized world expert consultant in the field of business travel for large corporations.

decoration of the evening was the Incredible Ksenia Sobchak and St. Petersburg theater hands «Handmade».

on April 16 in Variety Theater new album "Triumph of Time.Disc 2 "presented a violin virtuoso Va

rtan Marcos.Among the guests of the famous violinist that evening were the actors of theater and cinema, Valery Zolotukhin and Alexander Mikhailov, director and artistic director of the theater "Modern" Svetlana Vragova and other cultural figures.

The concert sounded new arrangements of famous works of "the triumph of time," A. Ghazaryan, "Prelude" ISBach's "grace-" J. Verdi, "The Swan" C.Saint-Saens and others.

During his artistic career Vartan has worked with many singers: repeatedly acted in concert Christina Aguilera collaborated with the group "Lube", Anne Veski, "Pesnyary", made a joint room with Anton Makarska on the song "Eternal Love", a lot ofagain I played with entertainer accordionist Peter Drang.The future plans of Vardan Marcos - musical performance with Armen Dzhigarhanyanom and jazz etude "Ivanessiya" Sergei Mazaev ( "Code of Ethics").

April 17th ceremony of awarding the third prize for the most outstanding achievements in the field of film industry "MTV Movie Awards Russia-2008"."Movie Awards MTV» - the only Russian prize, which is awarded to only the audience, not kinoakademikami.The three awards received picture Timur Bekmambetov "Irony of Fate: Continuation".

Its recognized as the best film of this year, Sergei Bezrukov was awarded the prize for "main actor", and Konstantin Habensky - for best comedy role.In addition, two awards received movie "Shadowboxing 2: Revenge."There were shown the "best kiss" and "Best kinozlodey" by Andrei Panin."Best Actress", according to spectators, Alena Babenko was in the film "Indy", and the authors and actors of the film "12" were "best kinokomandoy".

This year, 14 nominations to the traditional MTV for the first time added a nomination "Best TV series."series "Kadetstvo" won in this category.The actors and creators of the award was presented by "The Nanny" Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

in the nomination "The most spectacular scene," noted Yevgeny Bedareva film "Waiting for a miracle."The scene when the main character of the film Maya lunar night dancing with an imaginary friend Fey, recognized as the most spectacular.And the music for the movie "The girl who wanted to Happiness" by the group "City 312" was awarded the prize in the category "Best Soundtrack".

Award "Recognition generation" was issued for his personal contribution to the development of cinema.She chose the winner of the expert group separately, by secret ballot.As a result, an honorary prize was awarded to Fyodor Bondarchuk, producer, director and actor.

the ceremony came as the leading American star Paris Hilton.She opened the festival, and then continued to lead the show Dmitry Nagiyev and Masha Malinovskaya.Hilton Meeting with Russian socialite Ksenia Sobchak organizers beat a combination of two sisters separated in childhood.

Sobchak (were criticized by Renata Litvinova on the prize "The most stylish in Russia") joked on the American guest, noting that Hilton loves money is not smaller than the Sobchak once she put on the dress of the young Russian designer Kira Plastinina.

Socialite found time to give an interview to a Russian newspaper in which it is told, that did not see any Russian film, and she really misses her dog.

On his birthday teen-pop singer Elektra held at the club "Chocolate" is the first solo concert, organized in support of her debut album "Free member".During his speech, Electra sang their best songs, and also introduced a new show with ballet «Elektra-dance» dance program.

«All setting we did very quickly, in just 10 days - told Electra.- We wanted to make this concert was so light, airy, gentle, personified my thoughts, feelings, sensations. "

At the entrance visitors were welcomed by girls in lacy white dresses with angel wings on his back, and ran down the hall the children dressed as angels.Design T-shirts with stylish wings full-back, in which the dancers performed, was designed by the singer.

appeared on stage in a white suit with the "E" logo sparkling rhinestones in the first part of the concert Electra.I have performed in the second part of an energetic dance performance "Between Two Fires", Electra showed himself as a professional actress - singer appeared as a bride, for the heart of a struggling two groom, as a result of tearing off her full skirt, turning the wedding dress in a short dress.

After an hour recital Electra on stage were her friends and colleagues in the music workshop: Dominique Joker, Prokhor Chaliapin, Ed Shulzhevskii, Teona Dolnikova, young singer and Khatuna Elena Knyazev, a group of "Stsenokardiya" and many others.