Arabic script

1 against the sky - bare trees,
We like the picture from the Marche.
Warehouse wood, different structure.
And on a winter day is easy to go to the river.

Past the Boulevard Saint-Michel pass,
and Pantheon area under the wind beating
Why harass
gusts?(Remember rain Blue)

Lyceum of Henry the Fourth
not necessary today to worship - for the winter:
It always feels like a stoic,
keepeth the truth of time in mind.


shade of a tree on a bronze saber Ney.
The Closerie de Lila, from the plague of drinks,
When you remember shots of the way.
Autumn something purple impregnated hard.
In the light of the bright advertising separate branch
flash almost mystical.

slanting rain begins, glass in strips,
Many streets zatёrtyh steps discreet.
Luxembourg Garden remember that all space.As
walked there with nannies children.Beautifully
All that is now opened to you prospect,
The filled eyes.


Island Saint-Louis to
tall buildings with narrow streets mil.
His whole measure steps,

lot eh secrets revealed?
Turning left, you walk to the Quay ...
to Notre Dame.
Today morning promised rain -
will shed persistently and stubbornly.

Sen is cloudy.Well,
Cité attracts sum restaurants.
City old and true beauty,
Well, as much for them in the city of flaws?


Roofs of the window - the top of the roofs.
pipes - will give a concert today in Paris.

Secrets roof!Ups, downs the streets!
How wonderful wine to wash down oysters!

morning.Day.A night splatters again
diversity of advertising - that's wine,

Silver it!machine lights.
golden haze vitrin.I their fate is not lord,
You go somewhere alone.


the new fourth bridge Heinrich,
and arrows as the Ile de la Cite
nose big ship.
All in stone beach.Here
park with chestnuts, and life seriously.
enormous and a spreading chestnut.
And people catch fish under the bridge.
Again beckon restaurants,
variety though.


From Red windmills at night
Temptation thin rays -
Ile algae voluptuousness -
Aspire soul to you.Misfortunes
wine will be avoided.
Star ... what to do to her?Shine,
Let it only area not
stars in the sky, which is quite understandable
darkness as oil.
and souls, but in the bodies, then innumerable
How many bright windows!


Some gray!- So Meursault
He identified - Paris,
and blue complete.About
Past memory of old roofs
Ile niches where the statues are
tells you.
flowering, if the spring!-
gentle but dense it ...