Winners of " The Big Book " Award

Laureates of the third season of the National Literary Prize "Big Book" was named on Tuesday night at the awards ceremony in Pashkov House (Russian State Library), RIA Novosti.Pervoe place was taken by Vladimir Makanin with the novel 'Asan', the second - LyudmilaSaraskina the biography "Alexander Solzhenitsyn", the third - Rustam Rakhmatullin with the book "Two of Moscow, the capital, or metaphysics."

Premium Fund "Big Book - 5.5 million rubles -. The second largest after the Nobel Prize for Literature Winner of the first place receives 3 million rubles, the second - 1.5 million rubles, and the third - 1 million rubles

first three laureates.national literary Award were determined directly during the ceremony, which was conducted by Thekla Thick and Ivan Urgant

An hour before the celebration at the meeting of the literary Academy -. the jury were elected tellers They carried count cast for the finalists of the vote directly during the ceremony., participants and guests that could see it on the big s

creen in the hall. The counting commission, headed by journalist and writer Alexander Archangel, included five people.

on the announcement of the prize-winners were also awarded and the three finalists of the reader's vote on the Internet- they become Rahmatullin, Saraskina and Vladimir Kostin ( "Annual rings").Winners of the reader's vote does not receive monetary compensation - the winner of last season Ulitskaya award gave them commemorative signs in the form of an open book.

prize was also awarded in the nomination "For the honor and dignity", which is on the Board of Trustees of the decision this year was awarded to Alexander Solzhenitsyn (posthumously).Prize awarded to the widow of the writer head Rospechat Seslavinsky together with the head of the Taganka Theater, and a close family friend of Solzhenitsyn - Yuri Lyubimov.

In 2008, the composition of the Literary Academy has been expanded to 114 people, it includes well-known writers, journalists, entrepreneurs, publishers, critics, professors, editors, producers, public and government officials.The jury was headed by well-known Russian writer Andrei Bitov.

This season, for the award were nominated 371 works from various regions of Russia and foreign countries.In the "long list" includes 45 nominees.The "list of finalists" were 10 pieces.

Among the finalists, in addition Makanina, Saraskinoy and Rakhmatullina were also Paul Basinskii ( "Russian novel, or The Life and Adventures of John Polovinkina"), Ilya Boyashov ( "Tankman", or "White Tiger"), Alexander Ilichevsky ( "Singing limestone"), Ruslan Kireev (" Fifty years in the paradise "), Vladimir Kostin (" Annual rings "), Margaret Hamlin (" Live turn ") and Vladimir Sharov (" Be like children ").

National Literary Prize "Big Book" was established in 2005.This is the only "adult" award, which takes as its nominees not yet published works.Thus, the novel Makanina "Asan" participated in this season, which saw the light only in the fall, as well as the short story collection "Live turn" Hamlin and memoirs Kireeva "Fifty years in the paradise", which had previously been published only in the journal "Banner".

Another feature of the "Big Book" - in no award nominations, all the works are evaluated and compared with each other, regardless of genre affiliation.

selection of works provides expert advice that forms a "long list" and "list of finalists", then evaluates the selected works Literary Academy.