Week of contemporary Turkish cinema

In connection with the Year of Turkish Culture in Russia at the Moscow House of Cinema Week kicked off the modern Turkish cinema - event exotic, but not uninteresting.The opening was made by the Turkish Ambassador to Russia Halil Akindzhi, recalling the historical connection of the Russian and Turkish cinema, however, despite the assurances of the ambassador, a rather indirect.The festival will continue until 5 December to begin again soon in Kazan.Opening film was the debut picture Seyfi Teoman "holiday book" or "Extracurricular Reading" as whom more nravitsya.Shkolnik Ali (Typhoon Gunay) in anticipation of the impending school holidays.However, the longest streak of frustration starts from the very first hours of a long-awaited freedom: cocky classmate takes his textbook, chewing gum, which he, with his father's blessing, trying vtyuhat passers-by, not sold.Houses too bad: brother will soon be taken away to military school, his mother suspected his father of treason, he is the father enters the hospit

al with a brain tumor.Accidents, but rather an unfortunate family, as you can, help Uncle Ali - Hassan (Taner Birsel), although it has a lot of problems, and even more - experience.

When asked why the children are not burdened with the experience of various film schools sometimes play better venerable actors, hardly anyone dares to give a definite answer.But the fact remains: a recent prominent example - "Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame" Hannah Mohmalbaf.Ten newcomer Gunay expected replays are all bearded uncles and habitually tormented life of housewives.However, and Aiten Tokun (mother), and Osman Yining (father) played quite sincerely.

operator unoriginal beautiful - almost always gives a static picture, made with an eye on the Lebeshev, then Sasha is true, but with the same national colors.But here the director brings, shamelessly stretched out the countless small tragedy, besides have not turned them into big ones.And because the mother sobbing in the bed of a dying father or there, terrorized boy peers do not cause any emotion or compassion.And from a truly poignant scene to another film makes a half-hour journey through deflating the lake daily.But if, say, Mr. Jim Jarmusch is in the daily source of inspiration, and therefore regularly creates masterpiece phantasmagoria, the director Teoman sees in it only the death boredom, and logically it infects the viewer.

unduly prolonged partly redeems a potentially classy finale, really original and wise, but also his tasteless Teoman managed to stretch, played in Tarkovsky.As a result, the most curious of the domestic audience are scenes in which the hard-working members of the household by the original fluff fluff or with surprising speed packed apples.By the way, did you know that in Turkey you can legally buy off the army?