festival " Kinotavr " opens in Sochi

opening ceremony of the central events of the summer of Russian cinema - the festival "Kinotavr" - traditionally started.In a stellar track marched participants and guests of the festival.First on the staircase of the Winter Theater, which hosted the ceremony, members of the jury climbed competitive programs.A storm of enthusiasm among the audience gathered in the evening at the Theatre Square, led to the emergence of famous directors and actors.Not less applause and awarded the star of "other genres".Among them, singer Christina Aguilera, Alain Sviridov and a regular guest at the festival Iosif Kobzon.

opening ceremony H1H, predyubileynogo, "Kinotavr" devoted century anniversary of domestic cinema.Evening in the Winter Theatre led actress Olesya Zheleznyak.The stage was decorated with photos of actors whose names are forever inscribed in the history of Russian cinema.The participants of the main competition program of the festival, which presents 14 paintings, there is someone to be confident the orga

nizers of "Kinotavr".According to the general producer Igor Tolstunov Festival, two-thirds of entries removed young directors, nearly half of them - debutants in cinema."We expect these films new bright names, long life to the movies and their creators - good films in the future", - said the producer.

the competition nominated fifteen paintings by local filmmakers, selected out of 130 submitted.

film festival was opened by Alexander Proshkina "Live and Remember".Organizers specifically draw attention to the fact that this year's opening film will participate in the main competition.Usually taken to open some kind of a status picture, the festival does not have any relation.This time it is not so."Live and Remember" - a film adaptation of a textbook story of Valentin Rasputin.And the director worked on the film an unusually long time.Prose nearby villagers, according to the director, "deeply cinematic, but it is necessary to carefully reach these depths."The film starring Daria Moroz, Anna Mikhalkov and Sergei Makovetskii.However, this is not the first attempt to translate the prose of Rasputin on the display language.Suffice it to recall the film Yevgeny Tashkov "French Lessons".

Another important event of the competition program - documentary Vitaly Mana "Virginity".Its historical significance is that this is the first documentary after perestroika picture Stanislav Govorukhin "It is impossible to live", leaving the public to a wide-screen TV.Mansk√Ĺ describes his work as "a documentary in the strict sense of the word.Here there is no imagination, even the one that in the global documentary basically allowed.No reconstructions of performances, let alone gaming inserts. "

June 12 premiere of the drama by Kirill Serebrennikov "Yuryev day", filmed on the script Yuri Arabova where busy Ksenia Rappoport, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Roman Shmakov.With this project is related to many expectations of the organizers of the festival.However, it is difficult to understand what is at stake in the film.Notes writer to obscure intrigue."Like any intellectual living in Russia, I was worried about a certain obsession, - says Yuri Arabs.- The idea that we can disappear, dissolve in the country, which is more than us, older than us.Sometimes it seems the mother and sometimes her stepmother.In fact, I wrote about the missing person and his full reincarnation.In this there is some personal chimera that has plagued me for a long time.I have never been one hundred percent sure that I am doing exactly what I intended to do.Always I had the feeling that everything what I was used to, may stop at any time.Or I'll be able to change your destiny, or the circumstances have changed my life completely.That's what fear and a certain temptation story ... "Curious, I must say, is history.

Equally puzzling looks and the new film by Alexander Strizhenova "Yulia," which was filmed in secrecy.Participants filming was strictly forbidden to talk to the press.And now, when the ban formally withdrawn, we know little."Yulia" - a thriller starring in it performed Marat Bashar, and 12-year-old Daria Balabanov.One of the few who managed to see the film, - the director of "Karopremer" Alexei Ryazantsev.He argues that "the quality of the movie viewers were not in recent years."Yulia" can claim to be a great success with a wide audience and is also a very decent product from an artistic point of view.This movie has to make a huge impression on the audience. "Will wait.

More participate in the competition films: "Bucks" Guki Omarova, "Wild Field" by Mikhail Kalatozishvili, "New Land" Alexander Melnik, "Ocean" Michael Kosyreva-Nesterov, "Captive" by Alexei Uchitel, "Plus One" by Oksana Bychkova "say Leo "Leonid Rybakov," The older wife "Ivan Solovova," anyone who puts out the light, "Andrew Libenson," Four ages of love "Sergei Mokritskiy," Schultes "Bakura Bakuradze.

Festival jury this year was headed by filmmaker Paul Chukhray.The jury will also include Roman Borisevich producer and director Marina Razbezhkina.

the accompanying festival opening ceremony will be shown a documentary film by Martin Scorsese's "Shine a Light" about the "Rolling Stones" group, which premiered at the 58th International Film Festival in Berlin.

Another participant in the contest, as already shown at the Berlinale, the film will be a "Nirvana" director Igor Voloshin, starring Maria Shalaev, Olga and Arthur Sutulova Smoljaninov.

novelty opens tomorrow the festival will be the introduction of an additional category in the main competition - "For the cinematography."Total this year's awards will be presented in eight categories: "Best Film", "Best Director", "Best Debut", "Best Actress", "Best Actor", "Best Cinematography", "Best Screenplay" (prizename of Grigory Gorin) and "Best music Score" (Michael Tariverdiev prize).