"Light icons " Andrei Rublev

Andrei Rublev (around 1375/80 - October 17, 1428, Moscow; buried in the Saviour-St) - the most famous and revered master of the Moscow school of icon painting, portrait and monumental painting of the XV century.Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church in 1988, canonized in the face of the saint.

Biographical information about Rublev extremely scarce: most likely, he was born in Moscow principality (according to other sources - in Novgorod), probably in the late 1370's.Due to the nickname "Rublev" (from the word "rubel" - a tool for rolling leather) suggests that it could come from a family craft.

Rublev took his monastic vows in the Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius of Radonezh at Nikon with the name Andrew;secular name is unknown (probably at that time the tradition, it also began to "A").Preserved icon, signed "Andrei Rublev Ivanov son";it is late and obviously fake signature, but perhaps this is an indirect indication that the artist's father really was called Ivan.

Creativity Rublev formed on

the basis of artistic traditions of the Moscow principality;He was well acquainted also with the Byzantine and the South Slavic artistic experience.The first mention of Andrei Rublev in the chronicles appeared only in 1405, testifying to the fact that Theophanes the Greek, Prokhor-old man and a monk Andrei Rublev was painted the Annunciation Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin.Apparently, in 1405 Andrei thoroughly excelled in its mastery of iconography, if the monk charged a responsible job and also with Theophanes the Greek.

second time in the annals of Andrew is mentioned in 1408, when he made the painting with Daniel Black in the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir.It's only been 3 years, and Andrew have already appeared assistants and students, by the time Andrew is already fully formed their own individual, a true Russian style.In the 1420s Andrei Rublev and Daniil Black led the work at the Holy Trinity Cathedral of the Trinity-Sergius Monastery.These murals have not survived.In 1411 and the years 1425-27 he created his masterpiece - "Trinity".

Rublev died during a plague epidemic October 17, 1428 in Moscow Andronikov Monastery, where in the spring of 1428 carried out his latest work on painting the Savior Cathedral.The exact place of burial is unknown.

Andrei Rublev

Between fields
Goes Bogomaz Andrew.He survived

After the raid of the Mongols of the city,
which proves that here,
What in the world body

Should he give the image of the spiritual.
It is difficult to fast, silent.
curved wood depth
striking, high like that.The purpose

Name Defines naskol
Whose same flicker?) Life?
Vladimir City awaits.
monk Andrew goes,
Knowing the life of their borders.

Knowing his prayer, heaven will sing

paint, intelligent, but
for eternity anyway
difficult path.

Alexander Baltin