Peter Greenaway ( beautiful world )

7-10 years ago the name of Peter Greenaway has been on the lips of all those who identify themselves as intellectuals and aesthetes.His strange, philosophical and ernicheski web in which each frame was built according to the laws of painting, and each subject was carrying a symbolic load, boggle the imagination and the mind.Each of his films - as a full-length feature and short documentary - you can (and should) be reviewed several times, with each viewing discovering previously escaped from understanding the implications and interesting trivia.In the work of Greenaway music, painting, choreography, the work of costume designers, decorators and artists are woven into a single unit, creating a multi-layered product.Therefore, his paintings like highbrow and doctors of science, and a young student - one finds in his own movies "niche".Peter Greenaway was born in Wales, April 5, 1942.His father was an ornithologist

from him director has inherited a passion for endless classifications, on which both the a

rtistic technique is built most of his films.Peter was fond of drawing since childhood and is already at 22, won the first exhibition in the Lord's Gallery.Since 1965, he began working in documentary film - first as an editor and then as an assistant director - and soon began making his own "Exercise".In 1976, the Greenway is sent to the west of England, to work out in the sketches of Victorian mansions.While working on the sketches he was constantly disturbed the flocks of sheep, the children run around the yard, and Greenaway born the idea of ​​"The Draughtsman's Contract".The idea gradually acquired new thoughts, and six years later, viewers saw a deep, not devoid of bitter humor parable of fertility and infertility, pride and humiliation, the relationship between art and real life.The film earned him worldwide fame.Critics choked with excitement, announced Greenaway founder of a new English cinema, movie theaters collected notices.However, new projects no money to give in no hurry - much too unusual stories were born in the director's head.The next film - "A Zed & Two Noughts" - comes only after three years, it has affected other problems, but the style remains uniquely recognizable Greenaway.One of its main components becomes great music of Michael Nyman, cooperation with which continues the director to film "Child of Macon".By creating a number of these masterpieces (the "Drowning" won the Cannes award for his contribution to the development of film art), Peter Greenaway, for whatever reason, it ceases to be included in his paintings music Nyman and a few changes its creative approach in the search for new ideas.If "The Pillow" still retain almost all the "special" techniques: the use of split screen, literal compliance with fantasy characters, followed by real events, etc., "Eight and a half women" presented us with the new Greenway.This picture is also mixed as the previous, but more light and ironic.Maestro "cinematic art" is in constant search, and releasing teleoperu "The death of the composer", started shooting the trilogy "Suitcases Tulsa Lyupera" with the participation of a whole constellation of international stars: Victoria Abril, Debbie Harry, Madonna, William Hurt, Franka Potente, RossiDe Palma, Vincent Gallo and even our native Renata Litvinova.Therefore, the audience has the right to hope that his next job will be not less striking than the recognized "pearls" of his work.The premiere of the first film cycle has already taken place at the Cannes Film Festival, so that is about to see her and us.Most would - stoskovalsya people for Greenway ...