Chartres Cathedral .France

Chartres Cathedral (French Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres.) - Catholic cathedral located in Chartres Prefecture of Eure et Loir.It is located 90 km south-west of Paris and is one of the masterpieces of Gothic architecture.In 1979 the cathedral was declared a World Heritage site of the modern YuNESKO.Na Chartres Cathedral has long stood in the church.With 876 years in Chartres kept the Holy Shroud of the Virgin Mary.Instead of the first cathedral burned down in 1020, it was built with a huge Romanesque cathedral crypt.He survived a fire in 1134 that destroyed almost the entire city, but was badly damaged during a fire June 10, 1194.From this fire, occupied by lightning, survived only tower of the western facade and the crypt.A wonderful escape from the fire of the sacred Shroud was considered a sign from above, and gave rise to the construction of a new, even more grandiose buildings.

The construction of the new cathedral began in the same 1194 with donations flowing in from all over France Chartres.

Urban residents voluntarily brought a stone from nearby quarries.The basis of the previous construction project has been taken, which have been entered the remaining part of the old building.The main work includes the construction of the main nave, was completed in 1220, the consecration of the cathedral took place in the presence of 24 October 1260 King Louis IX and the royal family.

Chartres Cathedral still survives virtually intact.He escaped the destruction and plunder, never restored or rebuilt.

Chartres Cathedral


Three-dimensional building plans to introduce a Latin cross
Chapel eastern
With glow heavenly places.
apse strongly supported -
Buttresses not disappoint.
Two towers vary greatly,
Both sprout
in heaven groves.


has nine portals.

Old Testament Characters in many
portals, dark and light.
Astronomical Clock
for Any someone.
Council Decrees vector,
What we forgot to do ...


spacious nave to the apse of the rush.Rows of windows
enlightened Cathedral.
Massive columns, pilasters here,
and gallery encircles the choir.
flows through the stained glass windows color time.
And my heart in the palm of the watch.
And if you come near to the altar area,
will understand the futility of endless words.


¬ęTree of Jesse" looks
Paints purity to you.
That live differently encourages
Shut fate!

Labyrinth floor is decorated wonderfully,
Meditate - and comprehend way.
Labyrinth, since thinkest promising
Opens heart essence.

essence of heaven - that stone book Read
when entered the cathedral.
Light painting absorbed the great,
Fortunately seeks spiritual sight.