(Duma) Day quenched, immersed in the waves
The fog surrounding fields,
Only temples proudly towered
From toothed walls of the Kremlin.
Equip riza centuries,
Memories is full,
There appeared there before me
Country darling old man.When
over Russia gravitated
strange yoke of slavery and
sharply vpechatlelo
His shameful stigma,
When it quarrels arose,
Princes, forgetting race and rank,
Thrones tribute bought,
Moscow was John.
descendant of wise Yaroslav
sedition impulses bridled,
and under the sole power
Colossus raspadshiysya rose,
Associated Russia,
acquainted disaster shackles
irresistible Batu,
rebelled menacing enemies.Sensing
near fall,
East surged hordes,
And their bloody footprints
Mercilessly washed extermination.Then
and the Terrible, terrible in battle,
Haughty Novgorod humbled
and strongholds of Kazan Tatar
hostile conquered.
But lots of the kingdom so making,
Lord formidable moved
from the world into eternity, leaving
Baby-son his throne
And with him, in a da

ze malicious
Boyar, stopped the law says -
And the victim of secret tricks,
Baby regal extinguished.
Then, the mask of humility
Covering a deliberate Cove,
ascended paths
crime on the throne of Moscow Godunov.
But the power extracted cunning,
shaky, fragile alien throne,
When put over the kingdom,
trampling Heritage Act
Boris secretly in a pavilion
Without mighty storm rejected:
Crown abducted ingloriously,
C of Chapter debunk fell ...
Shade was murdered in
imperishable shroud rumors -
And blood streams flowed
By Stogniy suffering Moscow,
again horror cashless
Vital on Russian soil, -
again, the kingdom was threatened
sedition Bran trouble.
as God's wrath, without reproach
people of all disaster and homeland endured

Creator meekly prayed for salvation,
And not in vain - Providence,
source of eternal goodness,
From the ashes of the fallen Renaissance
hath revealed in the form of Peter.
Messenger of God-inspired,
Almighty goodness covenant,
Mighty will clothed,
Great Rivers: Let there be light
In my country - and Russia saw the light
Among his great deeds
Star shining happy -
and thinned the darkness of ignorance.
with a wave of giant,
Circle - on land and seas -
Furn slender squad,
irresistible in battle,
And feathered thunder,
Eagles soared midnight, -
and thunder sounds between
builds in sublunary fame rang.So
Russian kingdom rebelled!So
Providence, amid the struggle
With light mist, commits
secret laws of fate!
So, the glory of Russia guarding,
Creator of the worlds, zizhditel
Reins of the sovereign powers handed
powerful Hand of Nicholas!
Parish hail!so I read
Your cherished legends and unforgettable
reverently beheld!