Outskirts land,
uninhabited desert coasts,
Until pole open ocean ...

Matara - Dutch fort.Ditches and walls, gates
them ... shady road
in coconut wood, including coconuts -
singalesov Shack ... right shine,
hot dry heat of the sands and the sea.

Cape Dondra in old palms.Here fresh, sweet
Monsoon pulls a veranda
Hotel on stilts - the sound of water:
It's cool, wash up stones,
Boils satiny foam ...

Next - edge,
godforsaken.Jungle undersized,
Hilly, are limitless.White dust
blind eye ... changed horses,
crowd of children, the poor ... And again, looking at the red-hot
ocean bay.Eater,
in green and blue feathers, resting on golden filaments
Telegraph ...

Laguna near Ranny - sapphire.Around
aleyut roses flamingos,
the pools asleep buffaloes.They
stand, turn white herons, and buzzing with flies ...
sparkle on top of foliage, round eyes
great apes ...

Then again, The village in miserable, poor
dozen huts.In the ocean,
The sunset splendor - pink spots
motionless sails, and behind, in the jungle -
Purple Mountain ... Night in
window Looks moon ... And in the morning, in the blue
and clear sky - kites Brahmins,
Coffee with porcelain head:
Next in the surf fish ...

road again:
azure lake in
ring of white salt, bushes and thickets.

All wild and wonderful, like in Eden:
Stick out acacia thorns protecting
patterned most tender leaves,
Flowers rdeyut cacti sereyut
Trunks in thick vines ... As the fire are burning
creeping lily bowl,
Dark moths flutter ... In a clearing
Lying brown mass: boa ...
That slowly swirls, crawls ...

There gig.Roofs them,
Straw, the protruding length
And front and rear.In cereals steers,
harnessed to the gig, poked with a stick:
«! Mek, mek" - shouts driver, all naked,
With perfect black body ... Here Sands,
Send typefaces - go in the blue sky
Their fan leaves,- singing
jungle cocks, but thin, strange,
As our young ... at the height of
circling eagles, fluttering keen falcon ... The
run across the grass gracefully
sandpipers, snipes ... On
trees sit in peacocks crowns... Suddenly the log
raced crocodile, plop into the water -
And just gunpowder exploded fish!

There is often an elephant found: worth
and napping in a clearing, n

and full sunshine
There leopard - he gourmand, he eats,
When kill the dog, only the heart
There boars and sloth-bears
There porcupine - runsto drink,
Raising stubble, scary efficiently,
sullenly, anxiously ...

From these jungle, these shores -
open sea to the North pole ...
June 27, 1916