The main events of March ( NEWS cinema, music , theater, literature )

March - this time of universal awakening and exit from the winter torpor.In this first month of spring did it is not so easy, because people are pursuing vitamin deficiency and apathy.The more interesting attempts by some musicians somehow to stir up, to surprise and cheer tsepeneyuschih citizens.So of all the musical events (whether it be concerts, presentations, releases CDs and a variety of ceremony), we have chosen five of the most trivial.

1. The first chamber concert of group "Aria" in the Central House of Artists on 11 March.

Capital pioneers heavy increasingly give concerts in an unusual format.For several consecutive years, the New Year they make humorous costume show with lots of Soviet songs.And they are to International Women's Day, on the contrary, prepared the delicate and soulful exclusive program, "... more than just love."Choosing a site for the traditional spring concert, the band decided to break stereotypes and stay at a comfortable hall of the CHA, with good acoustics and a specia

l atmosphere, focusing more on the exclusivity of the program than at the gigantism.His first concert in CHA "Aria" has decided to devote a great part of humanity.Despite the fact that the basic details of the program are kept secret, but musicians spend all their free time in the studio working on a new program and a new album, already know some details.First, the basis for the program will be romantic and lyrical compositions, many of which either have not performed or not performed at all.And one of the major surprises for the audience - will be a big concert grand piano on stage.Secondly, they will not be forgotten major hits, according to tradition, performed in unison with the audience.

2. Out of the debut album "The bipolar world of" band "Bis".

duet "Bis", formed by graduates of "Star Factory-7" Vlad Sokolovsky and Dmitry Bikbaeva, will present his first album March 4th.Just a "bipolar world" includes 13 tracks, the authorship of which is owned by the group members, their colleagues on "Factory" Mark Tishmanu and Dakota, as well as producer and "godfather" Konstantin Meladze."This album - the result of our annual collaboration with Konstantin Meladze, - says Dima Bikbaev.- We Vlad completely different, polar paths that led us to the stage.And all of their skills, accumulated separately, we have embodied in the work on this record.Incredible school "Factory" only hardened us, we do feel like grown professionally.Full halls across the country to the "factory" concerts - now our goal as a duo. ""The album turned out so diverse in material that it can be listened to as a collection of high-quality music of different styles, and even polar - says Vlad Sokolovsky.- I never thought that corral your iPod in the same album, and I will be happy to constantly listen to!But this is so, and I'm madly in love! ".Presentation of the album will be held March 4 at the Royal Bar.

3. The release of the new album U2 «No Line On The Horizon».

U2 - it's 140 million copies of the sold albums worldwide, 22 th place in the list of "the best artists of all time," the magazine «Rolling Stone» and «Grammy» 22 statuettes.March 2, the release of their highly anticipated new album, «No Line On The Horizon».U2 Bono leader admitted that during the recording of the new album, the band has to make a huge effort to please their fans."A lot of people are already owners of U2 records, so why do they need to buy more?This is a very good question.We have to try our best to prove us all the same interesting, "- he said.The disc support group is planning a kind of "anti-crisis" round.Musicians U2 announced their intention to reduce the price of tickets for the concerts in support of the new album.The team made the decision to help their fans to save money during the financial crisis.U2 members said they plan to go on tour in the early summer.

4. Concert of The Sisters Of Mercy in Moscow club "B-1 Maximum" on March 26th.

They are called the forerunners of Gothic direction in the world of rock music.Cult band was founded by Andrew Eldritch and Gary Marx in 1980.Together, they recorded their first single, «To Hear Ourselves On Radio», which later was described by participants as "very remote and difficult to perceived audience."In 2001, The Sisters Of Mercy returned to active touring and all subsequent years, performing at various festivals in Germany, Belgium and Sweden.The result of their active performances becomes a movie, video clips created from their concerts in Europe.Throughout 2006, the group tours extensively around the world and gives concerts in 28 countries.Their show is still incredibly captivate the audience - after all what they continue to do on stage comes from the North of England and sounds like a recharged industrial psychedelia of the new millennium.

5. Resumption of touring Boris Grebenshchikov and group "Aquarium".

This is one of the brightest musical news of March.In the beginning, the BG fans were discouraged by the news that the leader of the "Aquarium" suffered a major heart surgery.Rocker predicted a long rehabilitation period, especially since, plus everything, Boris has serious vision problems.But the other day it became known that Boris Grebenshchikov return to live performances with a speech at the St. Petersburg club "A2" on March 20."After a long and eventful Christmas holidays" Aquarium "re-starts the concert and all the other activities," - said in a statement on the official website.It is also already scheduled concerts, "Aquarium" in Kostroma, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Minsk, Vilnius, Riga and Moscow.Capital concert will be held at the club "B2" on 4 April.Last time the group performed in Moscow at the theater Gorky Moscow Art Theatre 3 and 4 December 2008.Then the group introduced in the capital of the new album "White Horse" and international project Aquarium International.