The results of the Venice International Film Festival

Venice Film Festival summed up.The winner of the 65th review was an American film Darren Aronofsky's "The Wrestler" with Mickey Rourke in the title role.Best actor recognized Italian Silvio Orlando for his role in the film "Pope Giovanna" and Frenchwoman Dominique Blanc, who played in the film "The Other".But the film by Russian director Alexei German Jr., "Paper Soldier" won at Venice two awards."Silver Lion", he received Best Director and "Osella" - for cinematography (operators Maxim Drozdov and Alisher Hamihodzhaev), - it is reported about six weeks in the life of a doctor Daniel Pokrovsky, who in the 61 th year at Baikonur prepares first squad of cosmonauts, one can not remain indifferent.Fantastic picture of a talented man who is torn by fear for the astronauts and pity for the two women - his wife and his mistress, and no less fantastic events that preceded its entry into the screen.

Until the last day it was unknown whether the tape to the film festival hit.Speak now finished in jus

t a few days before the opening.A month ago, no one thought about the festival - the work was crude, - transmit

On stage Alexei German raised twice."Thank you, I did not expect - he said later -." The fact that the whole picture has received two awards, and one of them - the second most important, it is a great achievement.I want to thank festival director Marco Muller and around the Venice Film Festival for the fact that we were invited ", - quotes RIA" Novosti "words of Herman thanks

." I was faced with such a weak film at the festival, that when he saw Herman thought"Thank God there is, intraframe installation, aesthetics - this movie" - tells about his impressions of the writer Yuri Arabs who this year was part of the jury.

screenplay were written by Alex Herman and starring Merab Ninidze, Chulpan Khamatova and Anastasia Shevelev, reports "Interfax".The name of the picture, as explained by the director, gave the sounds in the movie song Bulat Okudzhava:

"Our film - about some incredibly thin and vulnerable person, and we thought at some point that this title is best suited to our film," -said Herman.

first Alexey German Jr. with a victory at the Venice Film Festival congratulates his father famous director Alexei German Sr.:

"first congratulated me Mom and Dad They sent SMS as soon as we received the award for Best Cinematography and when..Half an hour later we were awarded "Silver Lion", parents were again first. for them, as for me, the second prize was a surprise, since after the first award we are nothing more than waiting and organizers all the information kept secret until the ceremony "- said Herman, Jr.

"Paper Soldier" - is not the first work of the director, who participated in the film festival.In 2003, the German made his debut in Venice with his first movie - the military drama "The Last Train".His second band - "Garpastum", which was released two years later, was also selected to participate in this prestigious festival.