In Tatarstan ended Festival of Muslim Cinema ( Film News )

that ended in Kazan V International Festival of Muslim Cinema "Golden Minbar" proved once again how difficult it is to make a program theme of the film forum.Not an easy task stood before the selectors - try to stay within a given subject and at the same time not to turn a monotonous series of film screening in cinema and show monotonous reflection completeness of the stated problems in world cinema.The motto of the festival is encouraging: "By dialogue of cultures through the culture of dialogue."But, unfortunately, completely peaceful dialogue, aged exclusively in the framework of art, did not happen.In kinosorevnovanie still leaked politika.Samye great controversy sparked competition of feature-length picture "For My Father" (Israel-Germany, directed by Dror Zahavi).Some representatives of the Muslim countries angered by the very fact of entering the competition the Israeli film.After viewing the tape directly in the cinema broke stormy debate, which provoked a director from Lebanon.All claims to a c

olleague from Israel, he listed the points for 20 minutes.But in his monologue had not been affected by the artistic aspects, a solid policy.The debate did not cease in the next few days.And, no matter how sorry, in this situation, art was powerless.

Meanwhile, the film "For My Father" - the product of a very worthy, but attention should be paid already and the fact that the Israeli director protagonist of his paintings made Man of Palestine, who gave their lives to prevent the death of innocent Israeli citizens.And it is in this film through the character meet and communicate with ordinary people from Tel Aviv and there is the same "dialogue of cultures", the thread is pulled tonyusenkaya understanding.Needless to say that this tape was left without a festival prizes, though, it is hoped, has not been neglected by sensitive viewers.

And spectators at the festival was really a lot."Golden Minbar" of great interest to residents of Kazan, the halls are filled, in this regard, it was even decided to slightly change the already established practice of film screenings.This year, the entrance to the festival picture was not free, tickets are sold for a hundred rubles.The greatest excitement provoked demonstrations Tatar national paintings.Tatar cinematography is going through the best of times.However, this year, two feature films were presented at the festival, made in the country.At these sessions, the hall literally was packed, and the organizers even had to make additional impressions.By the way, this interest after a certain number of years probably will be satisfied in full: in Kazan will soon open a branch of the Institute of Cinematography.

Status of International Film Festival in Kazan, confirms the presence of the world's movie stars every year.There have already visited Catherine Deneuve, Mark Dacascos, Isabelle Adjani, but this year all five days of the festival at the "Golden Minbar" was attended by guests from Hollywood - actors Armand Assante ( "Napoleon and Josephine," "Ulysses," "Judge Dredd") andCary-Hiroyuki Tagawa ( "Showdown in little Tokyo", "Memoirs of a geisha," "Elektra").Hollywood guests feel Kazan at home, we walked around the city, taking pictures, go to the shows.And Mr. Assante even celebrated in the city's 60 th birthday.Of Russian celebrities have visited the festival Nikita Mikhalkov, Tatyana Dogileva Nina Ruslanova Alla Surikov, Valery Nikolaev, Emmanuel Vitorgan, Andrei Noskov, Lev Durov, Valentin Gaft.

main prize "Golden Minbar" jury chaired by director Ali Khamraeva awarded Russian Vera Glagoleva film "One War".The film, which tells about the plight of women who happened to have given birth during the Great Patriotic War, children from the Nazi occupiers, corresponds to the basic idea of ​​the festival of tolerance, understanding and forgiveness.