Theatre Oleg Tabakov will present his version of " The Marriage of Figaro "

Theatre Oleg Tabakov, called by the people "snuff-box", and outdoor art festival "Cherry Orchard" will present the play "Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro" at the Moscow Art Theater stage Chekhov May 14, RIA Novosti reported the press service of the festivalThe authors of statement of a young but already famous director Konstantin Bogomolov.This is his fourth work, "Snuff".Among the actors involved in the play, such stars as Oleg Tabakov, Sergei Bezrukov, Zudina Marina, Olga Barnet, Irina Pegova and others.

"For me, this role of the scope and creative investment - a serious phasing, - said the role of Figaro artist, famous film and theater actor Sergei Bezrukov -. This year is my second gift of fate first, quite unexpected -. Cyranode Bergerac and Le Figaro, which of course, I thought, but did not expect it to happen today. "

According Bezrukov, the starting point, of course, was the legendary performance of Theatre of Satire, where he played a brilliant Figaro Andrei Mironov, for whom this role was

the tragic end of his life.

"My father was working in the Theater of Satire, and I'm still at school feel this atmosphere, I saw the play and, as all admired him. But if Valentin Pluchek staged in the Theater of Satire is a French vaudeville in its purest form in the Spanish theme, thewe with director Konstantin Bogomolov went the other way - the way of truth and seriousness, with an emphasis on Spain, Andalusia and its people with their extraordinary generosity, pride, love and passion, "- said the actor.

Bezrukov said that Figaro for him - "it's not a boy Jumping, and the man who has lived a difficult life seriously."

"He is 30 and he wants to find peace and a normal family. It hurts experiencing betrayal of a friend, whom may well considered graph, the relationship is very old, it is not just the relationship of master and servant. Figaro is also experiencing an exceptional turn in his life such as. attainment of parents, which he spotted 15 years here's a trail of events reaching for it, so here in this role in this play and laughter, and tears, and love ", - he explained.

According Bezrukov, the creators of the play trying to connect to it and the Spanish drama of the French farce."Of course there is humor in the play, as in the comedy by Beaumarchais But we are not just a fun game, and life in all its drama and depth.", - Concluded the actor.