Secular news of the week : the biography of Steve Jobs , and People Magazine Ranking

on the media last week wrote about the first official biography of Steve Jobs and jewelry Elizabeth Taylor.Also we discussed the tabloid treatment of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jennifer Lopez leadership in the ranking of most beautiful celebrities. first official biography of Steve Jobs will come in 2012

first official biography of Steve Jobs will be released early next year.A book entitled "iSteve: The Book of Jobs" ( "iSteve: The Book of Jobs") is based on a series of interviews with the founder of Apple and his family.For information about the personal life of Jobs for three years collecting Walter Isaacson, the managing editor of Time.The development cost of the book, as well as its future publishers retail price has not yet called.Previously published book came out "iCon: Steve Jobs" ( "iCon: Steve Jobs") and "The Second Coming of Steve Jobs" ( "The Second Coming of Steve Jobs").Businessman reacted negatively to the publication, while in the case of "iSteve: The Book of Jobs," he agreed to coopera

te with the authors.

Catherine Zeta-Jones treated for stress

popular actress Catherine Zeta-Jones treated in a psychiatric hospital Silver Hill.The reason for treatment in the hospital was the stress transferred star during his illness her husband, actor Michael Douglas.Despite the fact that the couple won a diagnosis of 66-year-old Douglas, Catherine alone was not able to cope with depression.41-year-old star appealed to the clinic, where doctors treated her for bipolar affective disorder.Zeta-Jones representative confirmed this information and said that now Catherine feels good and is ready to start new projects.

Catherine Zeta-Jones - a famous Hollywood actress, starred in the movie "Zorro", "Terminal" and many others.

Jennifer Lopez has become the most beautiful star of the magazine's People

American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez has become the most beautiful celebrities on magazine People.In a recent interview with the publication of 41-year-old Lopez she said that it is very proud of their age.The singer talked about her personal life and habits of the children.So, she said she likes to be without make-up.The star also stressed that look good - part of her job."I try to keep myself in shape It's very hard on it takes a while.." - Jennifer shared with journalists.

The top five most beautiful famous people besides Lopez entered the actor Zac Efron (2nd place), actress Reese Witherspoon (3rd line), as well as Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore (4th and 5th places respectively).The ratings were stars such as Sandra Bullock, Katie Holmes, Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Hudson.

Jewelry Elizabeth Taylor will be sold at auction

Jewels famous actress Elizabeth Taylor will be put up for auction.Auction house Christie's has come to terms with the star family, died on March 23 at the 80 th year of life.For sale will be put up some decorations, art, clothing and memorabilia Taylor.It is expected that a series of trades will be held this spring.Jewellery Collection of Elizabeth Taylor is estimated at 150 million