William goes by the father : Prince Engagement and simple girl .Details ( social life )

Children Diana Spencer and Prince Charles - perhaps the most well-known Regal offspring in the world.Not surprisingly, the message of the engagement of Prince William has done so much noise and caused a lot of conjecture."Business Style" will try to sum up under the "intrigues, scandals and investigations."

After courtship duration of 8 years Prince William is ripe for marriage proposal to his girlfriend - Kate Middleton.Let the impressive term "dating" does not surprise you: in the royal family is not accepted to marry suddenly, and the long period of preparation for the engagement - a tradition rather than evidence of man's indecision eldest son of Lady Di.

Information about the engagement for a long time concealed the royal office."William and Kate got engaged in October during a holiday in Kenya," - said in a statement.Well, the surprise was a success: here a couple of days the prince, his bride and donated a wedding ring does not go to the media page.

special attention, no doubt, was honored wit

h the ring.Dorogushchy not a remake, but not modest gift: no, it is nothing like Diana's ring, which she received from Prince Charles, engaged to him in 1981."This is very special, very expensive thing for me", - said William obvious, commenting on his gift.

thing was "special", not only for the prince.British jewelers are already taking orders for the manufacture of the Rings "as Dee."It is no secret that the British are very fond of his Di, and the news of the engagement of her eldest son caused another surge in popularity of all, due to the lost princess.

In fact, for many luxury noble ornament with sapphire and diamonds ring remains of Diana and Kate Middleton did not ring.People do not get tired to compare them, wondering if Kate will be able to "match."For example, whether it has the same luxurious, pompous wedding dress, as Dee, or she, as usual, will prefer something very simple?And in general, whether the newly-real royal bride to set new high standards of elegance, to replace those that for many years to come, asked Diana recognized style icon?

But interest is not so much difference, but the fact that both have in common the engagement: the one that took place in 1981 and today.Prince William, like his father, Charles, gave preference to the girl of low origin.Does this will cause in the future all the same strife within the royal family?Time will tell.

Anyway, as Princess Kate Middleton, alas, is not going to happen: after the wedding, which will take place in summer 2011, it will receive the title of Duchess.And only when the father of William, Prince Charles, will ascend to the royal throne, the young couple received the title of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

meantime, you can reassure those who think that the little princes and princesses, and not enough at all.Another "not busy" Pierre, Andrea and Charlotte Casiraghi - Monaco's Princess Caroline children (and grandchildren Grace Kelly), Swedish Victoria - the world's only princess prestolonaslednitsa, heir to the richest European royal family, Prince of Liechtenstein Ventseslaus and many, many others.Prince marries - long live the prince!