In New York, he held the ninth week of Russian cinema ( movie news )

Last Sunday ended the ninth Russian Film Week in New York, which took place at the sold out kinoploschadke Manhattan and Brooklyn from 13 to 22 November.During the ten days of the festival the audience twelve films were presented and one documentary film.Predstavlyat his paintings arrived directors: Sergey Solovyev, Pavel Lungin, Alexander Proshkin, Catherine Shagalova, Nikolay Khomeriki, Michael Litvak producer and actress Alice Khazanov.Two major premiere of "Anna Karenina" by Sergei Solovyov and "Tsar" by Pavel Lungin caused an unprecedented boom in the New York public.

According to members of the Russian delegation, the distinguishing feature of the week was her concept."We decided from the outset not to adhere to a standard format of film weeks in previous years.In my opinion, all that has been done before (besides that of the delegations was solid, and the films were brought, in principle, quite good), had no practical meaning for the participants, but organizers decided its commercial objectives

, - said Givi Topchishvili, President CEO GlobalAdvertising Strategies.- For all of these lost primary mission Film Week - to create conditions for professional dialogue between Russian and American filmmakers.Holding this project, we have made it our goal to attract Week "right" audience, enable the Russian director to communicate with American colleagues, distributors, critics.This is our first experience.Something failed, something could have been done differently, but it is already clear that the path we have chosen the right one. "

Within the hits was a series of panel discussions and round tables, which have caused genuine interest in professorial and kinoelity New York.16 November, at the theater of the School of Visual Arts after watching the movie "The King", a round table on the topic "Promotion of Russian cinema in the United States: Prospects for creative exchange and cooperation."The event had a University of Pittsburgh professor Vladimir Padun, a renowned expert in the field of culture and the history of Russia, the history of Soviet and Russian cinema, and Film Week program director Oleg Sulkin.The round table, along with Pavel Lungin and Sergey Solovyov participated American directors Thank Zuckerman, Julia Loktev, Dmitry Trakovsky, distributor of car rental companies Wendy Laydell, President of Kino International Donald Krim, actor Peter von Berg, a professor of the College of Staten Island, Edward Miller, film critic DavidD'Arcy.

Round Table, which took place on November 18 at Columbia University, has collected more than an academic audience.During the day, students and teachers were shown films of young Russian directors "Tambourine, drum" Alexei Mizgireva, "Tale in the Darkness" Nicholas Khomeriki, and "Everybody Dies But Me" Valeria Gai Germanicus.After watching a round table on the topic: "New Barbarians" in Russian cinema - a new generation of Russian directors.Has it Nepomnyaschaya Catherine, Head of the Department of Slavic Studies at Columbia University, in the field of literature Cultural Specialist, television and cinema.On the American side were: Professor of the University of Pittsburgh, a specialist in contemporary Russian art of the late Soviet and post-Soviet cinema, a professor of Russian language Nancy Conde, chairman and head of the department of foreign languages ​​and literature, a specialist in Russian culture, literature, history and cinema Anthony Anemone, a professor at Yale University, in the XX century Russian culture specialist, literature, cinema, theater and linguistics Katherine Clark.The position of the "new barbarians" adequately represented Nikolay Khomeriki.

«Summing up the results of the ninth, and for us the first week of Russian cinema, we must admit that we did not expect to get so much attention and excitement around the audience of films and discussions.- Said Anna-Treer Simakov, CEO of Film Week.- Apparently, the combination of the correct collection of movies, interesting composition of participants willing to share professional experiences, plus a strong advertising support is determined by formula, revealing the potential audience.The main thing - the foundation is prepared to continue the dialogue. "