31 Moscow International Film Festival ( Film News )

at the Moscow International Film Festival this year promised a very good program.The new film by von Trier's "Antichrist", booed at Cannes, the new film Juraj Jakubisko Countess Bathory, "The White Ribbon," Haneke received the Cannes Gold, the latest movies Muratova, Shakhnazarov and Dostal.He opened the film festival Chairman of the Jury of the main competition, director, producer and screenwriter Pavel Lungin's "Tsar," with Peter Mamonov and Oleg Yankovsky in the lead roles.It closes the festival a picture of Michael Mann's "Public Enemies", gangster saga with Johnny Depp in the role of the legendary bank robber John Dillinger.

this year involved 16 films, three of which are in the main competition of the festival - Russian ( "Chamber №6" Karen Shakhnazarov, "Pete on the Way to Heaven" Nikolai Dostal and "Miracle" Alexander Proshkina).Best film main competition will choose Pavel Lungin, Shyam Benegal (director, screenwriter, India), Nick Powell (producer, United Kingdom), Sergei Trumpeter (film criti

c, film critic, screenwriter, Ukraine) and Gulnara Dusmatova (actress, Kazakhstan).

addition to the main competition concern is competition program "Perspectives", where you can see the fantastic film "Moon" with Sam Rockwell, Russian-Japanese anime "First Squad" about Soviet pioneers, struggling with evil forces during the Great Patriotic War, "Metastases"Croat Branko Schmidt about the hard life of" Mean streets "and the lyrical French lesbian love story" I'll eat you. "

Of interest is the non-competitive in the first program of documentary film "Free Thought", which should pay particular attention to the film about Hunter S. Thompson's "gonzo. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas!", An excellent tape about polar Werner Herzog's "Encountersat world's end "and French film Fabien Godet about a man systematically escapes from prison," Do not let me free, I'll do it myself. "

The program "8 1/2" movie will help to find out what interesting things happening in the world cinema over the past 2 years - there is a new and Andrzej Wajda with "Airom" and "Amazing" Paolo Sorrentino's about politics-mafia, and the already mentioned"Antichrist" of Trier, and "The Prophet" by Jacques Audiard, who has removed such wonderful films as "The beat That My heart Skipped" and "no one knows the hero."

And already had time to catch the fancy of "Moscow Euphoria" offers in its program of drama from the director of "Silence of the Lambs" Jonathan Demme's "Rachel Getting Married" and expected to wide screens around the beginning of October, the painting "Lake" Philip Granriye.

Program "Asian extreme" interest is the social drama Jia Janke "City 24" and crime scene "Lai black dogs."And skip anything from Italian classics retrospectives Marco Ferreri (in "October") and Kira Muratova (in the Cinema House on Krasnaya Presnya) also hurt.


19 June.Opening the festival

on 20 June.Day One

on 21 June.Day Two

on 22 June.Day Three

23 June.Day Four

June 24.Day Five

June 25.Day Six

June 26.The seventh day

27 June.Day Eight

June 28.Closing Film Festival