Top 5 songs of Michael Jackson

In recent years, about Michael Jackson rarely talked about in a positive way - the public accused him of almost all the deadly sins.During the events of private life of the singer forgot partially importantly, for all this time and there was no one who would be deposed from the throne of Michael Jackson King of Pop.Dni.Ru remember his five best songs. Billie Jean

wrote "Billie Jean", Jackson's long assured his listeners that at the stage of preparation for the record, he knew it was one hundred percent hit - like a musician would be "filled with the song from the inside."However, relying solely on his instincts to the singer did not have: the story of the song Michael borrowed from life.The story of how some fan wrote to him a letter, which told me that her son from Michael that she and Michael are destined to be together, formed the basis of the composition.In reality it happened yet and continued: one musician got in the mail a pistol, and in the accompanying report prototype Billie Jean offered hi

m to shoot at the same time ( "son" was waiting for the same fate).

With a woman everything was - it was sent successfully treated in a madhouse, but the story became so popular that it has received a second birth in the song "Stan" white rapper Eminem, also known as rigid parody of Jackson in the music video "Without Me".At the presentation of "Billie Jean" by Michael for the first time demonstrated a proprietary audience moonwalk backwards.The first singer entered the fashion and "vice versa" - a tendency to "reverse" in world culture: If Jackson spent millions on plastic surgery for lightening skin color, for example, Eminem earned millions on to make "black" music.

"Billie Jean" immediately won recognition, held out in the US charts in the autumn of 1982 to February 1983, in the first place.This success was brought to her repetitive bass lines, as if every second accelerating rate, combined with the high vocals of Jackson.Later, in 2004, Kani West and other Michael Jackson a few colleagues modified the dance-pop and rhythm and blues songs sound slightly heavier bass.However, the original sound track is still making it one of the most popular.


If the "Billie Jean" Michael Jackson brought especially popular fame, the "Thriller" lifted up on a pedestal criticism.However, thanks to the song about the fan by the name of Billie Jean album "Thriller" a long period held in the first places of various charts.After the release of the video for the song release this November '83 began to sweep off the shelves so active that the album is still the best-selling in the history of the music industry.

As for the material, the distinguishing feature is the combination of lyric ballad, more familiar to rock musicians, with disco-tremor 80s.Who knows what would have happened in our time, when accusations of plagiarism showered upon the heads all around, but then few people paid attention to the fact that the composition contains a lot of elements that make her look like a "Give It To Me Baby", funk andsoul musician Rick James.However, instead of Michael suffered the same fate: the elements of the clip, mainly the part where ghouls and vampires, led by Jackson dancing in the cemetery, carried off on the quote everyone who could, including multipliers (such as the pope of "The Simpsons" Matt Grouming).

Smooth Criminal

The seventh and second of the most successful albums of Jackson, "Bad" in 1987 gave the world another reason for universal insanity - song "Smooth Criminal".Curiously, the first Jackson was not going to include it in the album, and added almost at the last moment, at the same time deciding to remove it and video.

It Michael first appears before the audience is no longer cropped thugs and romantic long-haired man, which is a silhouette in the misty haze.Here begins the era and its stylization of image - wearing under almost universal old days, in the outfit, appropriate and Verlaine and Shakespeare, it creates an image, easy to copy.

interesting that the song phonetically corresponds to the world-famous singer's manner "akat" and "scream" at the beginning, the end and between bars: the chorus sounds "Annie are you OK?"This song extended life alternativschiki Alient Ant Farm, releasing in 2001 a remix, which is quite soft "Smooth Criminal" has got a tough punk sound.

Black or White

With the advent of 1991, came to power in the cultural space of the hip-hop and the beginning of the collapse of the "American dream," Jackson labored new album under the name shouting "Dangerous".Sensitive to racism, Michael made a central song majeure on melody and recitative for "Black or White" song.

"And if you thinking of my baby, it's no matter if you're black or white", ( "If you take care of my child, it does not matter, black you or white") - this phrase has become a help not only for championspeace movement, but also for all those who called for tolerance.

proved groundbreaking and a video accompanying the song - and for a good product, this means that from now on he becomes a sample to anyone who wants to take advantage of another's achievements."Aerosmith", keenly felt at the time the change of musical styles (bold, and it prepodnesshie jointly with Run DMC video "Walk This Way"), a few years removed the clip for "Pink", who borrowed video input almost hip-hop songs of Michael.It is also one character reincarnated in another on a white background, it is true, as opposed to the humanistic ideas of Jackson's video, these are grotesque characters.

They Do not Care About Us

penultimate Michael Jackson's album "HIStory" was no longer an attempt to show by example how detrimental to behave aggressively towards members of another race.Almost revolyutsionersky appeal was founded Jackson song "They Do not Care Abut Us", which is more convincing, he accompanied the clip about the life of prison inmates, whose hands are chained.(It is not difficult to guess from, including Mr Todorovski Jr. "borrowed" material for the trial scene in the movie "Dandies").

Some "well-wishers", however, is found in the song and the anti-Semitic undertones - because of the phrase "jew me".Many endlessly talked about at politically incorrect Michael until Spike Lee-turned shooting video for this song, not noted in the music policy of "double standards": the word "Jew," somehow sounds insulting, when the word "nigger" occurs oftenbeside.

As always happens in such cases, exemptions from the context, the composition sounded exactly the opposite message of the original way.The basic message of the song was that a lot of jail prisoners convicted unjustly.Unfortunately, this aspect of the problem, as opposed to the history of the song "Billie Jean", Michael ran not indirectly but personally - the singer until the end of days was repeatedly exposed to unproven accusations.