This is love

Many believe that the wedding - overriding event in a person's life and you need to treat it very seriously.But not all think and, therefore, life partners choose a rather unexpected.For example, a citizen from Melbourne went and married on their own TV.And here in India because of the excess tooth nine-year girl was married to a dog."To Lenta.Ru" I examined the international experience and try to understand what motivates people in the matrimonial relationship.

Dog wedding

In traditional Indian marriages often conclude parents young, and often tastes of the older generation, to put it mildly, causing considerable surprise.Just imagine the feeling of 18-year-old Mangla Mundu, which had to take a husband stray mongrel.Pretty nondescript groom named Sher brought a car with a driver, and during the ceremony, which was attended by about 70 guests, all customs were observed.In such an unusual choice of partner insisted relatives of the bride and the village elders.The described incident took place in late

August in a small village in the east of the country.Residents of the area sincerely believe that the ceremony "dog" wedding village is able to rid of the influence of the evil spell.

Mangla Munda with dog-fiance

In 2007, 18-year-old Selva Kumar married 10-year-old dog to cure many diseases.For 18 years the boy had developed paralysis of the upper and lower extremities, and he was deaf in one ear.Local astrologer related diseases Kumar that in childhood the boy brutally killed two dogs.To get rid of the curse, the boy ought to immediately get married with a dog, which he did.The therapeutic result of this action is not reported.

But nine-year Karnamoni Handsa was married to a dog because of the excess of the tooth.Sticking out of the gum wrong tooth was considered as a bad omen that fix a bad karma girl was only possible with the help of the "right" of marriage.

However, these do not interfere with the ceremony the newlyweds in the future to play a wedding with the ordinary people, and are more ritualistic in nature.About four-legged wives should take care in every possible way, and in any case they were not hurt.

Be my tree

In 2012, Indian media reported that the famous Indian actress Aishwarya Rai, to get rid of the evil eye, had to get married ... for the tree.Somewhat later, Rai has denied this fact, but, as you know, where the smoke and the fire there.This tradition of the Indians actually exists.When an astrologer predicts the girl or the guy that married misfortune awaits them, for example, death of a spouse, young people play wedding with a tree to catch an omen for him.Then cut a tree without fear play a wedding with a betrothed.

to marry a tree - this is not a pure Indian fun.At the end of 2013 in Argentina, actor and activist Richard Torres married in a tree.During the ceremony, which was attended by friends and family of the original, he kissed the "bride" and even tried to hand her a bouquet of flowers.Later, Torres explained his unusual behavior a desire to attract public attention to environmental issues.

Peruvian actor and conservationist Richard Torres during the wedding ceremony with a tree


Quite often unconventional marriages are made out of a desire to draw attention as a stand or for advertising purposes.The media has repeatedly reported on the marriage ceremony with horses, goats, snakes, cats and even dolphins.But there are also non-traditional marriage for love.So famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld said he was going to marry his beloved cat Shuppet in June 2013.It was limited to only a statement of intent, but on the content of your pet home designer spends money ten times more than many people in their human spouses.

Like a stone wall

Way cupid inscrutable, and targets small mischievous arrows can be not only very lovely flora and fauna, but also completely inanimate objects.As one resident of Melbourne unexpectedly married his own TV, and South Korean Lee Jin-Gyu on a cushion for embracing.

Lady of Pennsylvania Amy Wolff in 2009, married in 1001 attraction Nacht (similarity of roller coasters).Unemployed church organist admitted that for over 10 years completely crazy about this arrangement.During this time she swept it about three thousand times."I love him as much as women love their husbands, and I know that now we have nothing do us part", - said a woman in love.

Another American Erika Eiffel (nee LaBrie) in 2007 held the wedding ceremony of the Eiffel Tower.She later admitted that she previously experienced such a liking to the Berlin Wall.The enterprising lady even created an organization OS Internationale, which, in its view, should unite all the supporters love to intangible objects.

Dead Bride

Contrary wedding vows, which states, "Till death do us part," admitted 28-year-old resident of Thailand Chadil Deffi.Chadil met with his girlfriend Sarina Kamsuk for ten years.Young people have even appointed wedding day, but she died in a car accident a few days before the event.Chadil decided not to cancel the wedding and held an informal marriage ceremony with the beloved body.As a result, he also became, and her husband and a widower.Terrible story.

Chadil and Sarina

Chadil Deffi kisses his darling

in Guangdong province of China the bride was still alive, but it was during a wedding in a coma.Lu Lai and his girlfriend Xu Jingjing met for several years.Young people are going to get married, and even bought a new house, which would live after the wedding.Couple preparing for the wedding, when she suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized urgently.On the way to the hospital she went into a coma.The clinic Lu Lai learned that the road to the hospital Hee Jingjing stopped breathing and had to resuscitate.Later it turned out that the girl suffered brain.Nevertheless, the man decided to hold the wedding in the hospital.only relatives and close friends attended the ceremony.A few hours after the wedding Woman disconnected from the ventilator ...