Workout in the workplace

Exercises that can be performed while sitting at his desk at work.These exercises will not be visible to others, but they are very effective.

Move over closer to the edge of the chair, lifting one foot off the floor and lifting it by a few centimeters, stay in this position for as long as you feel tired.Repeat for the other leg.The higher you raise the foot and straighten your knee stronger, the greater the load will get muscles, and the more effective workout.

• Slide to the edge of the seat and tighten your leg muscles as if you were going to get up.Stay in this position until you get tired.

• Sitting at a table, move the foot back a bit, his hands gently lean on the edge of the chair to keep his balance, and, straining his legs, a little above the seat Lift.Stay in this position for as long as you can.

• Sit up straight, put your right hand on the table and push it with his hand.Do not change the pressure force for as long as you can - from a few seconds to a few minutes.Then repeat the exercise

by clicking on the first surface of the table with his left hand, then both hands simultaneously.

• Sitting at the table (eg, talking on the phone, looking at documents, etc.), hold one hand on the edge of the table and tighten your hand as if trying to lift it.Repeat for the other arm.

• If you have both hands free, one of them put on the table, palm down, and move the other under the table top, palm up, and simultaneously press down firmly on the table top.When you feel tired, change hands and do the exercise again.

• Sitting on a chair, one hand on the bottom of its side edge and strongly pull up, without taking the floor.When muscles get tired, do the exercise with the other hand.

• Raise your arms to shoulder height or slightly higher, pull them apart at a slight angle with respect to the body and remain in this position until you get tired.In the same way, do the exercise, with the power of his fists clenched.

• Put your hands behind your head and push them to the back of the head and neck in his hands (but do not tilt your head!).Feeling tired and slightly change the exercise, first push on the head from right to left and then from left to right, making sure that it remains in an upright position.