The strong-willed gymnastics and hydro person

Look at his face.Like you imagined?I think many people, especially the older generation, are dissatisfied with themselves.But we all want a lifetime to save the young, pleasant face.But you can learn how to grow old quietly and beautifully ...?

With age, facial skin loses its elasticity and firmness, thinning subcutaneous fat, muscles weaken, wrinkles appear.They contribute to the emergence of past infectious and chronic diseases, the habit of screwing up your eyes, wrinkle your nose or lift eyebrows, wondering or expressing anger (wrinkles).

wrinkles are formed and those who laugh a lot and unnatural (the so-called "crow's feet").Follow him: the expression of your face should be relaxed, friendly, welcoming.

especially old face wrinkles, starting from the nose wings and reaching to the corners of the mouth.They, incidentally, you can try to straighten: it needs to lighten up, and often with fists gently tapping across wrinkles.

How you care for your face?Constantly holite and cherish?No?Then all yo

ur claims only to itself.And do not look for a miracle cream for which now you do not feel sorry for any money.Everything you need at your fingertips - in the kitchen, in the bathroom.

Have you heard about the strong-willed gymnastics thermal massage and facial?These two simple treatments are able to change your face to make it nice, cheerful and charming.

supple and taut, and his face was very round face muscles in his youth here.So it creates circulating in the muscles during the growth and development of the human body biotoki.Over the years the muscles of the face droop, become flabby.And we are even taking up wellness exercises, we forget about these muscles do not train them systematically.

the sake of health and the freshness of the face in the facial muscles needed daily to send a strong volitional impulses and thus arouse in them existed before the effective metabolism.For this purpose it is necessary for one to two minutes of struggling ... grimace.Take turns to tighten the muscles of the cheeks to the eyes and ears, the tips of the lips to the teeth.Perform these exercises should be 8-10 times a day.And not only the mirror in the morning, but also several times during the day.This is called a strong-willed person exercises.

In addition, twice a day Thermal massage the face should be - it significantly improves blood circulation in the capillaries of the facial muscles.Terry towels make two double-layer cloth a little more than the size of the person (or sew two large gloves).One cloth (mitten) soak in very hot water for half a minute and apply to the face.Then, for a moment put to a second face cloth soaked in cold water (even better with melted ice).

What water you wash?Hot, cold?This is important.Cold water impairs blood circulation and nutrition of the skin, constricts blood vessels.If you always wash with cold water, the skin becomes dry and loose.Hot water cleans the skin, but contributes to the persistent expansion of blood vessels, weakening their walls, blood stagnation.On the cheeks, nose wings appear thin branched purple-red veins.Also, hot water relaxes the muscles of the skin, and wrinkles occur faster.

It is best to wash with water at room temperature, and even better - a contrast: hot - cold.This is a great exercises for the face vessels.

And more.Tap water is usually tough, so harmful for washing.It should be softened or long boil or add additives, for example, 1 liter of water - 1/2 teaspoons baking soda or borax, or 1 tablespoon of glycerin.

Wash your face should be from the bottom up, and his eyes - from the temples to the nose.The person is better not to wipe, to give itself to dry skin, and excess water wet soft towel.