Eyelashes.eyelash Makeup

How to promote the growth of eyelashes?Unfortunately, no.What are the length, thickness, what color and how quickly grow, it is genetic, this does not change.On

upper eyelid increases from 90 to 160 hairs a length of 8 to 12 mm maximum.From 75 to 80 hairs in length from 6 to 8 mm growing on the lower eyelid.The life of each hair - a few months.Typically, loss of eyelashes do not notice because the new hairs grow to the same length.

• You must have a quality mascara.Because without a beautifully tinted eyelashes the most exquisite makeup will not be perfect.

• Crown of long dark eyelashes attached centuries contouring and revitalizes expression in his eyes.And the eye shadow and pencil century work best when well-made-up eyelashes.Therefore, mascara (Mascara) must necessarily be present in your purse.Paint a thin layer plenochkoj envelops each cilium, why she not only gets the color, but also the thickness and length, because the tips of eyelashes many colorless.This is especially true for the blonde

with colorless eyebrows and eyelashes.

few tips for dyeing eyelashes

• Eyelashes should be degreased, because oily hair mascara keeps bad.

• Mascara brush must have the correct shape.Optimal short, thick brush, tapering forward.

• Svezhepokrashennye mascara eyelashes should be divided brush or comb for the eyelashes.It is easier to do when the ink is not yet dry

• No need to type on too much paint brush, otherwise the eyelashes stick together.With high-quality mascara on the brush gets just as much liquid as necessary.

• Mascara should be fresh.Once the paint begins to coagulate in the crumbs, you need to change the cartridge or buy a new mascara.

• The color should start from the middle of the century and the first half of the exterior paint, and the remainder of the carcass - internal.

• Mascara should be conducted from the roots to the tips of the lashes.Give a little mascara to dry and then paint the second time (maybe only the tips of the eyelashes or outer edge).

• Color Mascara looks best when the lashes from the nature of long, thick and dark.In short blond eyelashes need to paint the black ink at least the tips of the upper and lower lashes necessarily.

Moisture resistant or not? At one and the other carcass has its advantages and disadvantages.

• Not waterproof paint - is creamy Mascara and so-called dry (saliva) ink.Mascara cream consists approximately of the same ingredients as any cream, namely of fat and water.This mastic added, reinforcing resins, colorants, and preservatives.Recently it began to add keratin to strengthen hair and lanolin, to lashes from becoming dry and brittle.

Dry ink basically consists of the same parts, but without water.Therefore, the dry tablet before applying should be slightly moistened.Not Waterproof Mascara has the advantage that it is more forgiving for eyelashes.But it has its big disadvantages: does not swim with it, do not go out in the rain and once again did not weep, otherwise the ink flow.The benefits: as cream Mascara is water soluble, the cosmetics can be easily removed from the face of cosmetic milk or lotion.

• In the waterproof mascara waterproof resin are added to the eyelashes, and it is not diluted in the water.Typically, such ink stand and swimming, and potoobilnye sports, and bouts of weeping.Moreover, it forms a strong film cilia, adding them to length.

Lack Water Resistant Mascara: it dissolves in fats.This means that it can fade under the eye, forming circles of mourning.Therefore, the eye area is allowed to put a little cream, and even better to use fat-free gel eye.

Remove the same waterproof Mascara is possible only by means of fatty products, such as fat cream, theater razgrimirovatelya or oiled cotton swab.Sensitive eyes can respond to this inflammatory process.

• Mascara with a silky effect or lengthening hair can magically thicken and lengthen lashes.But for those who wear contact lenses, the tool is forbidden, because the tiny hairs can get into the eyes.

Chemical eyelash dyeing : it is convenient for a vacation.

• Eyelashes can be painted, as well as hair.Paint lasts about a month.It is practical during the holidays, when you do not want to be painted at all or when you resort to minimal makeup.But eyelashes coloring can also advise those with whitish lashes, but look absolutely already "circuit-free" does not want the morning at breakfast or in the evening before bedtime.

most paint they were not so easy.The ink must be thickly applied to the very roots of the eyelashes, there but not with the eye.The eyes must be kept closed during the process.In addition, the means for self-coloring is not as strong as those that are used in salons.So this time-consuming process in the home is not always rewarded sufficiently, and we would recommend this procedure to consult specialists.

With extended eyelashes can be (almost) everything.While the false eyelashes are provided only for the evening performances, after which they are easily removed, then the extended eyelashes are held up to five weeks.They are glued on one hair or small bushes to ten special adhesive hairs at the roots of their own eyelashes.They are water-resistant, they can take a shower and wash my hair.They just can not be painted with ink, because they can come off when removing make-up fat-containing drugs.Build up lashes in beauty salons.

whether lashes need special care?Healthy eyelashes, make-up from which thoroughly removed every night, do not require special care.When applied to the face night cream that gets on eyelashes, enough for their food.Who wants to supplement it with something else that kind can lubricate the eyelashes colorless Mascaro.It contains oil, protein, keratin and other active ingredients that give it elasticity.Long black eyelashes, which does not require ink, from colorless Mascara acquire a beautiful sheen.