You are perfect.The complex of physical exercises for a beautiful posture .

be beautiful - it is also the ability to move easily, naturally, gracefully, and it is your posture.It should not be pretentious straight, but should not be hunched - with drooping shoulders and head.

posture, demeanor are largely determined by our understanding of ourselves, self-awareness of their physical and mental qualities.

In case of wrong ideas about the physical "I" in combination with certain self-assessment of personal qualities can form a distorted image of their appearance.And this in the future will impact on our health and on our full communion with the people.

achieve naturalness of movement, grace, good posture will help you the next set of physical exercises.

Exercise for checking and correcting posture

Stand firmly against the wall, feet together and are located at a convenient for you to distance from the wall (3-8 cm), back of the head for the wall, his head upright, looking straight.Duration of exercise - from 60 seconds to 2-3 minutes and follow it daily for 3-4 weeks.Try

to remember the musculo-articular sensations of touching the wall and try to remember when walking them.Thus you will be able to adjust its posture, maintain a direct position of the body and head.

complex exercise to correct posture

This complex is designed doctor Dineika KV

Exercise 1 .

Kneeling, hands down, breathe several times by activating exhalation (picking up the stomach in the second half of exhalation).Inhaling pull the arms back, locked in a "lock".Breathing out, sit on your heels while bending forward (to the thighs touch the breast), hands clasped in the "castle", lift as high as possible.On his knees with his hands down, inhale.Tilting forward - exhale.Repeat 6-8 times.

Exercise 2 .

Kneeling, dilute feet apart, sit between the heels, bend your hands behind your back, fold your fingers palms up, keep your head straight.Stay in this position for 10-30 seconds, then stand up and walk.Repeat 8.6.12 time.

This exercise can be done while walking, as well as strengthening the back muscles perform his standing and sitting, alternately alternating these provisions.

Exercise 3 .

standing, raise one arm up, pull the other down the back, bend your elbows and connect the fingers.After every 5-10 seconds Change hand positions.If you have a lateral curvature of the spine, then check for any position of the hands of the spine curvature is reduced, and in this case, the adjusted position do the exercise several times.Breathing is arbitrary.Perform each exercise, first standing and then walking.

Exercise 4 .

Sit cross-legged, but the foot fold together, keep back and head straight, straining back muscles.Breathing is arbitrary, but not deep.Initially, when the neck muscles are not yet matured, it can be every 20 to 30 seconds the voltage to sit a bit relaxed.

Exercise 5 .

In the first two steps make a shallow breath (muscles of the abdomen protrudes slightly), and the next two steps - exhale (abdominal muscles strong is chosen - from the epigastric fossa to the groin).Exercise is simple, but at first its implementation will require you some willpower.Repeat the exercise 2-3 times a day on 10-30-60 times, gradually increasing the number of repetitions.