Magic hoop hula - hoop ( physical exercises for a beautiful figure )

Hulahup - the creation of the American Arthur Melin, the founder of the company, specialized in flying saucers.Back in 1957, a miracle-hoop gained unprecedented success: for the first year more than one hundred million hoops were sold worldwide.Hulahup - a synthesis of word hula (the name of Polynesian national dance) and English hoop (hoop) .chem useful hoop?The first lesson with him train the respiratory and cardiovascular system.If you are completely untrained, and it occurs very often if at the slightest exertion you have a shortness of breath or heartbeat quickens sharply, but you are attracted an overwhelming desire to take a hoop - is ideal.Gentle, gradual load can be preparation for more intense exercises, such as power or dance aerobics.

Secondly, the rotation hoop perfectly coached the vestibular apparatus that is useful to you in the classroom and other types of fitness, and in everyday life.

Third, hoop no pressure on the internal organs and causes them to shift.Contrary to popular belief,

for their internal organs, you can not worry - they are protected by muscle tension abdominals and lower back.However, if your sporting past leaves a lot to be desired, we would not recommend to start training with a weighted version of the hoop.Your muscular system is too weak to withstand the weight of two kilograms.

Fourth, the hoop is convenient and easy to use.To master it is a snap, and the risk of injury is practically zero.And of course, it is convenient when sports equipment is always at hand and do not need to go to an expensive fitness club.

And finally, the most important point: the hula hoop helps to lose weight.Like any aerobic exercise (a few examples show that sometimes are better than others), twisting the hoop causes an increased calorie burning, your accumulated.Furthermore, studies with hulahupom significantly improve skin condition in the waist and hips.After studying with the hoop, this problem area smoothed, it will no longer cover the steep bumps of fat, decrease cellulite.

But, of course, need to understand that in order to achieve a more or less visible results have to spend a considerable amount of time, for that matter, with any sports slimming method.But this process is completely natural, in contrast to the exhausting diets or hururgicheskogo interference in your body, and pull-up to the desired level, not only your stomach, but also your health.

On sale today you can find different models of hoops.Choose an appropriate model should be based on their own capabilities and goals:

- ordinary hoop - iron or plastic, hollow inside.

- Folding hoop.It is made in the same way as normal, only folds up for easy storage doubled or even quadrupled.

- weighted hoop.This model weighs from 0.5 to 2 kg and intended for training a higher load.By the way, inventive lovers wrap yourself sometimes cut the plastic wrap and aggravate his peas or sand, and then fasten with tape.

- Hoop with massage elements.On the surface of the hoop attached to the little sucker that during rotation provide an additional massaging effect.

- And finally, the hoop with your computer.This model is built a small counter that operates on two AA-batteries, and provides data on the number of turns spent calories, etc.However, this error priborchiki very great, because it takes into account only the time and the number of turns, without taking into account the age and weight of dealing.

Choice - for every taste, and today thousands of girls and women selflessly twist "magic hoop-hulahup" in the name of health and beauty.