Chemical compounds consisting of cosmetic preparations

stearic acid

Together with oleic acid, one of the most common naturally occurring fatty acids.White powder (odorless), fat-soluble, slightly soluble in alcohol and insoluble in water.In the production of cosmetics stearic acid is used in the form of stearin.

thioglycolic acid (mercaptoacetic acid)

colorless or yellowish transparent liquid, soluble in water and alcohol with a characteristic unpleasant odor.Solutions of thioglycolic acid and its salts soften hair keratin, thereby found use as components of preparations for permanent wave and depilatories.

Tragacanth (natural resin)

vegetable gums, swollen in water (50 parts water to form a gel-like mass) and then dissolves.Until recently, - one of the most important hydrophilic polymers currently extruded synthetic drugs.It is used to thicken aqueous solutions and for cosmetics gels and jellies.


colorless, thick liquid, slowly darkening when exposed to air.Highly hygroscopic, miscible with water and alcohol.Since fatty a

cids forming salts having a weakly alkaline reaction in water (pH 8.0-8.5).These salts are excellent emulsifiers.Widely used in the manufacture of cosmetic milk, cream and cream.


alcohol from the group of sterols, an important element of fat excreted by skin sebaceous glands.Emulsifier.It softens the skin, makes it easier to restore water-lipid balance.A valuable element of the fat phase in the fatty creams.


purified mountain wax (ozokerite).Sometimes referred to as ceresin ceresin blend with paraffin.The substance is a white or cream-colored wax with a consistency that is insoluble in water and alcohol, soluble in fats.Ceresin used as part of the solid solutions (lip pencil), as well as the fat phase in the emulsion formulations element.

Cetyl alcohol (hexadecyl alcohol, palmitic alcohol)

white matter in the form of pellets or solid waxes, odorless, insoluble in water and soluble in alcohols.Industrial preparation customarily contains impurities other higher alcohols.It is used as an emulsifier in emulsions has a strong influence on the consistency of the product.It softens the epidermis.Often used as a component of creams and other emulsion products.

cetostearyl alcohol

mixture of cetyl alcohol to stearyl alcohol, for the properties and method of use is close to the cetyl alcohol.


White or off-white powder.Depending on the species dissolved in water, alcohol or fats.When used even in small amounts acts as a thickener to the liquid consistency of a thick oil.